FILE - In this July 11, 2014 file photo, Cuba's Fidel Castro speaks during a meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, in Havana, Cuba. Social media around the world have been flooded with rumors of Castro's death, but there was no sign Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, that the reports were true, even if the 88-year-old former Cuban leader has not been seen in public for months. (AP Photo/Alex Castro, File)

Shameful Blindness

It is impossible to take seriously any person who thinks Donald Trump is a threat to freedom and democracy when that same person mourns the loss of Fidel Castro. But that is what we are seeing from the American left.

Many are hailing him as a hero of the poor, though he kept people in poverty. They hail his success at universal healthcare, though the Cuban healthcare system is in shambles. They hail him as a hero for equality despite his implementation of racist policies that kept black Cubans out of government and in the shadows. They turn a blind eye to how he treated gays and AIDS patients.

They ignore the many people tortured and killed by Fidel Castro.

But they obsess about Donald Trump.

These people have, in their moral relativism, developed a shameful blindness to true evil. They have developed such a deep hatred for their fellow Americans with whom they have political disagreements that they will cheer on a man with actual blood on his hands while drawing equivalence to American politicians they did not like.

There have been more than 10,000 confirmed and documented deaths at the hands of Fidel Castro or on his orders. There appear to be closer to 100,000 actual deaths. There have been on average 1.3 females murdered each day since the start of the Cuban Revolution by the Castro regime.

The Cuba Archive documents all confirmed deaths.

No such archive exists for the United States because we do not have brutal dictators who wantonly kill dissident citizens. No such archive exists for the United Kingdom because Margaret Thatcher did not wantonly kill British citizens. And no such archive exists for Canada. But American, British, and Canadian politicians and celebrities have heaped praise on Castro while rejecting their own countries because they impute evil to those they disagree with while turning a blind eye to actual evil.

Fidel Castro was actually evil. Donald Trump has not and will not round up individuals and kill them. If you praise the former while considering the latter a threat, you should not be taken seriously.

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