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Shameful: “Faith Leaders” Supporting Obamacare Should Repent

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As a Christian, there is something far more despicable than seeing Republican politicians break their promise to the American people about repealing Obamacare. After all, anyone who has even casually observed the political careers of Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and John McCain should have found nothing surprising about their vote to preserve the status quo.

Democrats may be the minority party, but they have one significant advantage over the Republicans: ideological purity. Their leadership has put down all the former Blue Dog Democrats, and declared that any potential candidate who thinks that butchering children in the womb should be illegal need not apply. There’s a reason why Court-watchers predict where they think Republican appointees Roberts, Kennedy, and Gorsuch may land on a particular decision, but never have to guess with the four liberal Democrat justices.


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Like it or not, this is the reality of politics in D.C. and the only ones disappointed or stunned by the recent Republican “skinny repeal” failure are those who choose to ignore that reality.

What is far more despicable and inexcusable are supposed “faith leaders” in America, claiming to be motivated by the doctrines and teachings of Jesus, invoking His name to defend a healthcare law that has destroyed and is destroying the lives and livelihoods of thousands of our fellow citizens.

Take Brian McLaren who begged his followers to:

“Join nuns from around the country to oppose stripping health care from tens of millions.”

First, McLaren is guilty of bearing false testimony. Left-wing Christian activists Shane Claiborne and William Barber tell the same lie repeatedly (the latter irresponsibly and immorally attributing efforts to undo Obamacare to racism). If the law requires me to purchase a Ford vehicle every year, repealing that law does not “strip” me of a vehicle. It gives me the option whether I want to buy one or not. McLaren, Barber, and Claiborne know this, but they lie for explicitly political reasons.

And to do so in the name of Jesus is even worse. We typically associate “taking the Lord’s name in vain” with swearing. It is certainly that. But it is also appropriating the name of the Lord for your own pet causes that are not Biblical or connected to the building of His spiritual Kingdom. That’s why with as angry as I get at these men, I must remember they desperately need our prayers.

And they aren’t alone of course. When famed preacher Tony Campolo isn’t promoting the holiness of what God’s Word calls sexual immorality, he is defending Obamacare in the name of social justice. I am constantly wondering how men like Joe Cato, a worship minister in North Carolina afflicted with chronic back pain, feels about supposed men of God championing a law that is destroying his family.

Joe is one of the many victims of Obamacare. His doctors say he needs surgery to repair the nerve damage in his lower back and pelvis, but his insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, won’t cover it. In most of North Carolina, including Union County where Joe and his family live, Blue Cross is the only health insurer still offering coverage on the exchanges established by Obamacare. The only treatment Blue Cross will cover for Joe is pain medication—a battery of prescription drugs he must take daily, including what he calls “comatose-inducing” muscle-relaxers and opioids.


“When people call it being between a rock and a hard place I call it choosing between a firing squad and burning at the stake,” Joe says. If he doesn’t take the drugs, he’ll end up in the emergency room because of the pain. If he does take them, he’s useless as a functioning member of society. “I don’t want to pick either.”

You would think supposed Christian leaders would be appalled at any manmade government compelling him to make that choice. But McLaren, Campolo and his endorsed candidate for president in 2020, Jim Wallis, celebrate the continuation of Joe Cato’s misery (in the name of Jesus) by proclaiming:

[email protected] are also heroes for standing united for months to protect access to health care for tens of millions of Americans.”

Those Senate Democrats, along with Wallis and his brethren are standing united to protect a law that even the notorious leftists at the dubiously named “Politifact” acknowledged are crushing the income of middle class American families:

“Premiums rose an average of 25 percent across the 39 states that use the HealthCare.gov marketplace…Arizona, 116 percent increase in premiums. Tennessee, 63 percent increase in premiums. Oklahoma, 69 percent increase in premiums. Illinois, 43 percent increase in premiums. North Carolina, 40 percent increase in premiums. Nebraska, 51 percent. Pennsylvania, 53 percent. These aren’t statistics, these are real lives.”

Yes they are. They might be “the least of these,” to quote the verse from Matthew 25 that Jim Wallis is fond of manipulating when advocating for his political agenda.

What is astonishing about this behavior is that it is being committed by men (and women) who regularly chastise the “religious right” for commandeering the name of Jesus to advance the Republican Party’s politics. Sinners, heal thyselves.

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