Shameful Liberal Media Buried Black on White Torture Hate Crime

I got up this morning and checked my Apple News app, expecting to see the vicious Chicago hate crime and torture of a disabled white man leading the news. It wasn’t. Not only “it wasn’t” but it was totally absent.

Only Fox News led with the story, calling it a “possible hate crime.” This is absolutely shameful and beyond biased.

The New York Times buried the story, with the headline “4 Questioned After Video Shows Racially Charged Beating in Chicago.” Come on! If this was a black man beaten by four white young people live on Facebook while chanting “Trump! Trump!” it would be the headline on every major U.S. newspaper today, with nonstop head-spinning commentary.

President Obama would already have addressed the nation, calling for justice and berating Trump supporters.

Suddenly, though, the media is all “wait and see” on this story, because the facts are not all in. But they streamed it on Facebook. You can see the poor white boy being tortured and taunted. You can hear them curse Trump and “white people.” What more do they want?

They want to bury the story because it doesn’t fit the narrative. How can the whole country be up in arms against pro-Trump racists if there exist monsters who torture disabled kids for pleasure, for the purpose of hate against Trump and white people? No such people can exist in their story, so the story must disappear.

  • The Washington Post made a better attempt at a headline, but it’s not the top story. “4 held after Facebook video shows torture of disabled man by group railing against Trump, whites.” They wouldn’t dare mention in the headline that the attackers were black.
  • USA Today threw the story in the sidebar. “Chicago Facebook Live beating: Charges expected soon”
  • NBC News “Four Teens Held in Connection With Kidnapping After ‘Facebook Live’ Torture Video Airs” is far down the page.
  • ABC News “Chicago Police Arrest 4 in Connection With ‘Sickening’ Assault Video Posted to Social Media” at least featured it in top stories.
  • CBS News buried it in the sidebar, with a headline so confusing I almost missed it entirely. “Chief: Chicago attack live-streamed on Facebook is ‘sickening'”
  • MSNBC didn’t cover it at all on their front page.
  • CNN threw it on the sidebar, “Chicago torture: Teens stream abuse of special needs man on Facebook Live.” (But on the front page it simply reads “Torture broadcast live on Facebook.)
  • Huffington Post threw it under “crime” way down the page with the “alleged” headline “Man With Special Needs Allegedly Bound, Gagged And Tortured On Facebook Live.” Maybe they think it was staged?

Without a doubt, this is a disgusting student-body left play to keep the narrative decidedly anti-Trump and to bury any story that would distract from that. The media should be ashamed.

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