Shaun King Needs Treatment For Dementia

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, goes the saying. And when black-acting, “white African American” (like a white Hispanic) social justice pimp Shaun King accuses the entire GOP of perversion because of Milo Yiannopoulos, that’s proof he’s suffering from dementia. King clearly needs treatment after coming up with the garbage he wrote at the New York Daily News today.

I won’t spend any more words on Yiannopoulos. More than enough has been written about him than I care to read. One silver lining of this sordid affair is that it exposed a hugely under-reported issue in the LGBT community: that young barely sexually “woke” kids get their first taste of intimacy by older men, forever sealing them into the “you’re gay and always have been” camp.

Read Robert Oscar Lopez‘s excellent piece as a good primer here. Or Michael Brown‘s. Or Chad Felix Greene‘s soul-crushing story at HuffPo.

Back to King and his shallow, partisan, dehumanizing attack. Yes, Yiannopoulos spewed his worst venom on King and his social justice elitist ilk, who reflexively protect their P.C. world like a schizophrenic protects his delusions. Yes, people have been doxxed and threatened by Milo’s Twitter fans. Yes, it’s horrible.

But King takes it way, way further. He calls Milo “the most visible spokesperson” for the so-called “alt-right.” Umm. Maybe if you’re a Twitter addict or on a college campus. Otherwise, not even close. I suppose one could claim that the entire “alt-right” movement is nothing but an invention of Twitter and college campuses. I’d be more inclined to believe that.

Writing that Steve Bannon is Yiannopoulos’s “longtime boss” is a lie. Milo only started working at Breitbart in late 2015. Bannon left Breitbart for the Trump campaign on August 17, 2016. So even if Milo worked directly for Bannon (he didn’t), it was for less than 10 months. That’s hardly “longtime.”

That’s not the most grievous deception. Somehow, King ties Milo, and his pederast-friendly remarks, to President Trump, with only the most tenuous threads. Skipping any real evidence that Milo and Trump ever had a single conversation, he heads for the conclusion.

But here’s the thing — this is who the Republican Party is. The President of the United States has more than a dozen women claiming they were sexually assaulted by him. His first wife said in a sworn deposition that he brutally attacked and raped her (she later said she did not want the word rape to be interpreted in a criminal sense). He was recorded bragging that he forces himself on women and grabs their genitalia whenever he feels like it. And after our nation heard that recording, he was still elected.

King concludes: “Donald Trump is a pervert. Milo is a pervert.”

This, my friends is proof of dementia. He totally forgot about President Bill Clinton, who, by physical evidence, was proved to have had carnal knowledge of a White House intern, in the Oval Office. Clinton had more women with solid accusations of molestation than Trump–although not by Hillary.

Calling the GOP a “party of perverts” simply ignores–or by physiological damage to higher brain function, forgets–evidence that the Democrats have plenty of perverts of their own. That’s dementia.

How about Anthony Weiner‘s ongoing sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl? (Ironically covered by the New York Daily News, the same publication where King works.) Then there’s the late Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Brock Adams, Fred Richmond, Mel Reynolds (who Clinton pardoned for 12 counts of sexual assault against a 16-year-old). There’s no shortage of Democrats caught with their pinkies in the pushka, so to speak.

Republicans also have no shortage of sex scandals. In fact, sex scandals and politics go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson.

But none of that even remotely matters. Milo is not a Republican. He’s not even American. He’s a Brit. Trump should have his green card revoked and send him back there–I’ve seen people deported for less than what he did. Milo is not a conservative. He was not a part of Trump’s campaign, and he’s not associated with the Trump administration.

The only connection between Milo and Trump is the fact that Milo calls Trump “daddy,” and professes admiration for him. That’s it.

This dementia that King’s suffering from won’t let him acknowledge history or break his own fabulous narrative that the GOP is perverted and Democrats aren’t. I can’t believe that NYDN editors are so blind and permissive as to let King publish such blatant garbage.

Apparently, garbage sells papers.

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