She Said What?! Feinstein Isn’t Liberal, She’s a Serious Threat to Our Country

If we weren’t consumed in wall-to-wall coverage of the latest Donald Trump vs. (choose any sports or media star here) Twitter war, a recent declaration from a sitting U.S. Senator from California should have Americans turning their heads in shock.

In expressing her disdain for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reinstating the constitutional rights of the accused on college campuses, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California actually said this:

“Sec. DeVos is putting rights of the accused above those of sexual assault victims. Absolutely unconscionable.”

For those of you who may be unaware, those “rights of the accused” were some of the most sacrosanct rights in American history – viewed by our Founders as all that separates our democratic republic from authoritarian oppression. They were so significant that those rights couldn’t even be contained in just one amendment to the Constitution.

Stretching from:

  • The Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure,
  • The Fifth Amendment’s requirement of due process for all charged with infamous crimes (like sexual assault),
  • The Sixth Amendment’s provision for the accused to enjoy a public trial, with counsel and the right to be informed of all charges against them,
  • The Seventh Amendment’s securing a right to jury trials,
  • The Eighth Amendment barring cruel and unusual punishment,

…these “rights of the accused” that Feinstein casually dismisses span more than half of our nation’s precious and prized Bill of Rights. And it’s not just classical liberals of the late 1700s that were known to hold those rights in high regard.

Earl Warren, the notoriously left-wing Chief Justice of the 1960s, must be rolling over in his grave. His liberal renaissance on the Supreme Court ushered in the rapid, if not activist, expansion of these rights through judicial fiat.

And the infamously far left legal firm known as the ACLU literally means “American Civil Liberties Union.” Civil liberties are the very individual protections from the power of unjust government interference that Feinstein, for the sake of sexual and identity politics, now disregards.

That’s despicable, sure. But it’s also a dangerous threat to the stability of our civilization. What DeVos is doing is not defending rapists, of course; she is defending the notion that someone must be proven a rapist through Constitutional jurisprudence before being punished as a rapist. Anyone who disagrees with that isn’t a true liberal; they are nothing more than an authoritarian threat to our civilization. I’m not alone in acknowledging that:

“[T]ypically the accusee doesn’t know the precise charges, doesn’t know what the evidence is, and can’t confront witnesses,” writes Northwestern professor (and card-carrying feminist) Laura Kipnis in her recent book, “Unwanted Advances.” This is a violation of their rights as U.S. citizens. There can be no excuse or argument for abrogating Americans’ rights in order to give feminist hatemongers excuses to exploit victims of sex crimes for fundraising and political power. Ensuring due process for all those assaulted and charged of assault is key to prosecuting rapists, not an obstacle to that righteous pursuit.

This is exactly right. Feinstein is a prime example of where the far left’s “social justice” madness ends. And it’s not with justice.

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