Vice President Michael Pence before the commencement ceremony at Grove City College on Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Grove City, Pa.(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Sissies, Girls, Cowards, and Wimps

The former Governor of Indiana, who was also a congressman from Indiana, and is now the sitting Vice President of the United States went to Indiana this past weekend to address a university in Indiana. Notre Dame University conferred over 2,000 degrees on graduating students, but the media is fixated on the few dozen who walked out. This group of sissies, girls, cowards, and wimps are not strong enough to sit and listen to someone they disagree with politically. Some of them felt “unsafe.” Others said they were doing it because others felt unsafe.

Considering roughly two thousand students did not walk out of his speech, it begs the question of who exactly felt unsafe?

What it did, however, was provide the media another opportunity to cover the so called “resistance” instead of paying attention to the Vice President. It also is worth noting that the leftwing demands against President Trump are not as personal as they appear. In fact, if the Vice President did become President the grievances would remain in new form. These people are more sore losers than aggrieved victims.

Democracy functions by having an exchange of ideas respectfully, even in disagreement. Vice President Pence, invited by a home state University to give a commencement address, behaved, was kind, and gave a good speech. These few dozen students, however, could not tolerate words. They could not be in his presence. They wanted it to be all about them. They only wanted someone who shared their world view at the exclusion of the students who do not share their world view. They were selfish.

It is these sissies, girls, cowards, and wimps who are the threat to democracy, not the Vice President. They cannot tolerate different ideas, they feel unsafe in the presence of a sitting Vice President there solely to give a speech, and they did not want to engage but rather disrupt. Notre Dame was never going to get a speaker that pleased every single student. And there were no doubt other students who did not like the Vice President. But we do not know who those students are because they did not choose to make it about themselves. They did not choose to become a spectacle. They did not choose to be scared.

The media is making these protestors into heroes when really they’re the cowards who fled the scene of speech lest it hurt their delicate ears while two thousand others were brave enough to stay.

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