Sixty Percent While Unopposed? Trump Cannot Unite the Party #FreeTheDelegate

In Nebraska, a state where Donald Trump won unopposed, he only got sixty percent of the vote. Not only did he get just sixty percent of the vote, but the state experienced a low turn out among Republicans. Put another way, forty percent of Republicans who showed up cast votes for candidates other than Trump, which essentially now really does amount to a protest vote against Trump.

Some of those are early votes to be sure, but that is still a pretty significant protest vote against Trump on the day of the election.

Donald Trump cannot and will not unite the party. As another example of that, today Trump is doubling down on his attack over John McCain’s record for no other reason than he thinks his poll numbers went up because of it.

This is going to be a disaster for the GOP with a candidate the actual party membership does not want. Trump is being forced on the GOP by a lot of voters who actually are not committed to the long term survival of the GOP.

The delegates can free themselves. They should look at Nebraska as a red flag. They should prepare in Cleveland to unbind themselves and save the GOP and the nation from the Schadenfreudenfuhrer.

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