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Skeptics and Believers: Your Must Read from Pastor Tim Keller

This chat between skeptic Nicholas Kristof and Pastor Tim Keller in the Christmas edition of the New York Times will surely become a classic. Ranging from the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection through the tenets of the faith of Christianity, it’s a must read for all sinners (that’s everyone, in case you haven’t heard).

You imply that really good people (e.g., Gandhi) should also be saved, not just Christians. The problem is that Christians do not believe anyone can be saved by being good. If you don’t come to God through faith in what Christ has done, you would be approaching on the basis of your own goodness. This would, ironically, actually be more exclusive and unfair, since so often those that we tend to think of as “bad” — the abusers, the haters, the feckless and selfish — have themselves often had abusive and brutal backgrounds.

Read it if you have time between wrapping last minute gifts and eating. Merry Christmas!

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