Skinny Repeal Does Not Repeal and Is Not Responsible

The Senate Republicans are now pushing a so called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare that gets rid of the individual mandate and also gets rid of the employer mandate.

This is not repeal and it is not responsible.

Skinny repeal will allow people to abandon health care insurance if they do not want it, but with the pre-existing coverage requirement in place, people can then hold off on getting insurance until they need it, which undermines the whole system of insurance.

That will cause premiums to rise, which will have a cyclical effect pushing more people to hold off on insurance until they need it.

On top of that, getting rid of the mandates and not actually getting rid of Obamacare will escalate a meltdown of Obamacare that will, in turn, require the GOP to bail out Obamacare. If they are not going to repeal the whole thing, they will wind up bailing out Obamacare. They have already shown they do not have the votes to get rid of Obamacare, so it would be wiser to acknowledge they have been lying for seven years and move on to other matters.

At present, this skinny repeal will only make matters worse.

(Thanks to the Texas Public Policy Foundation for the infographic displayed above)

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