Skip Bayless Proposes Destroying the NFL so Unemployable Kaepernick Won’t Be Lonely

No, seriously. As Fox News is prone to say: We report, you decide.

Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless said this on his show Undisputed:

If the black players would unite, and say, “We will not play Game 1 this year.” I promise you, it would have an impact and would get something done.

Here’s the video:


Bayless said 70 percent of NFL players are black. Fact check: TRUE.

Think about that. If 70 percent of NFL players consented to what amounts to a race war, what would happen to the NFL?

Who cares about season ticket holders and rich people (although you almost have to be rich these days to afford going to even one game)? This is about the players. If 70 percent of the players of any sport boycotted a game on the basis of race, that would be (in technical terms) a freaking catastrophe.

The NFL would never recover. At least not with 70 percent black players. Maybe what Bayless wants is a segregated professional football league–a safe space where all the players, coaches and fans are of one skin color and no white people are allowed.

Or, if anyone was to take the racist rantings of a man like Bayless seriously, the more likely outcome would be a lot more players keeping unemployable Kaepernick company.

This was never about black or white. It was always about honoring America, or dishonoring our country. The NFL has legitimately suffered losses in viewership and attendance because of political and SJW horsecrap like Bayless spewed.

Perhaps we’d all be better off if Bayless joined Kaepernick–in the unemployment line. That’s my take. You make your own call.

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