Small Crowd Size For Trump Should Be Terrifying, For Democrats

We have all probably seen the photos showing the small crowd size for Donald Trump’s inauguration, compared with the large crowds for his predecessor.   Democrats have jumped on this, as some small consolation, in what has been a very rough week for them.  The President’s spokesman, oddly, but not surprisingly, decided to declare it the largest audience in history, all evidence to the contrary.

I understand why Trump is defensive about the crowd size.  But Democrats don’t have any reason to celebrate.  Friday’s crowd wasn’t what you would expect of a dynamic, transformational campaign, or even an average one.  Yet, it was sufficient to defeat their nominee.

What should terrify Democrats is the that with all of President Trump’s baggage, and a divided Republican Party, he still won.  #NeverTrump never morphed into #ImWithHer.

John McCain and Mitt Romney could look at Obama’s crowds, and take some solace from the fact that they lost to a unique, generational talent. (Sadly, that talent didn’t extend to enforcing “red lines” in Syria, or embassy security, but I digress.)

Leaked emails revealed that Democrat leadership thought (understandably) that Trump would be the easiest opponent for them in the fall.   Friday’s small crowd showed that they were probably right.  If I were a Democrat, that would be a terrifying thought.

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