Smallpox or Anthrax is Clinton or Trump

A new poll by Fox News has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 3 points. That is significant because this is the first reputable pollster to show that and though Fox’s polling had a tie of 46% to 46% the week before the 2012 election between Romney and Obama, its polling has been pretty solid this cycle. Trump has absolutely begun to consolidate the Republican Party as Clinton still struggles. No one expected that Trump would have sealed the deal before Hillary Clinton or that the GOP might be more united than the Democrats headed into the general election. But here we are.

I still, however, will not be voting for Donald Trump. The choice between Clinton and Trump is like choosing smallpox or anthrax. I’ll pass on both.

If the election comes down to a single vote nationally and that single vote is in Georgia, I will gladly accept the blame for Donald Trump losing. But I still suspect Trump will lose and that he will lose disastrously. The only thing, however, that will be more disastrous for the GOP than a Trump loss would be a Trump victory. It would be a win for sheer jackassery by the American public and an embrace of victim culture by the right, which has thus far avoided the professional victimization that consumes the left.

I would rather take blame for Trump’s loss than share any credit in a Trump victory. I would rather suffer through the next five months of ongoing invective and threats by Trump supporters than endorse a candidacy that has done nothing but bring out the worst in people, elevated the petty vanities of narcissists, and emboldened a white nationalist subculture best left in the roach motel of American politics.

The Apostle Paul was a Roman citizen and spent much time writing about a Christian’s choices as a citizen and the right of a Christian to avail himself of the rights of citizens of a country. But never once did he insist voting was an obligation of a Christian. I hold myself as no better sinner than any other man and no better Christian than any other Christian. But I cannot in good conscience support a man like Donald Trump who I find morally unfit for the office of President.

Your mileage may vary and I bear you no ill will. But what I find so striking is how so many people are willing to bear so much ill will toward those of us who will not support Trump. It is, to me, a damning indictment of Trump’s cult of personality.

Trump suddenly being ahead in polling does not now make me want to join the bandwagon and should we be a day from the election and my vote critically needed for his victory, he and all his supporters need to know they will not get it and he will lose and I will be fine with that and sleep very well at night.

I will play no part in the choice of smallpox or anthrax and will instead gladly sit on the sidelines giving the play by play commentary for those who have not lost their minds.

Here I stand. I can do no other.

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