President-elect Donald Trump gives the thumbs up as he arrives at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster clubhouse, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 in Bedminster, N.J.. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

[UPDATED] Smoke Rises Toward Scandal. Trump Needs to be More Careful.

See the update below.

I wrote this morning that Donald Trump needed to divest himself of conflicts of interest related to the Trump Organization because the media would double up on oversight of him in ways they never did with Hillary Clinton. Even the small amount of attention given to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation did damage to her.

Now, there is this from a left-of-center site that has both a lot of credibility and a huge audience among the editors and producers of American news networks and newspapers.

According to a report out of Argentina, when Argentine President Mauricio Macri called President-Elect Trump to congratulate him on his election, Trump asked Macri to deal with the permitting issues that are currently holding up the project.

This comes from one of Argentina’s most prominent journalists, Jorge Lanata, in a recent TV appearance. Lanata is quoted here in La Nacion, one of Argentina’s most prestigious dailies. Said Lanata: “Macri called him. This still hasn’t emerged but Trump asked for them to authorize a building he’s constructing in Buenos Aires, it wasn’t just a geopolitical chat.”

This is going to completely undermine his administration if he keeps doing stuff like this. Someone needs to talk some sense into him.

So, is this an example of left leaning sites generating fake news? We certainly need the Trump team to be above board in every way because, as we see with this story, the media is going to seize on anything and everything.

This, however, appears to be fake news from the left.

As long as Trump is invested in real estate around the world, these stories are going to crop up more and more. Eventually he may have a Democrat leaning Congress willing to investigate them.

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