So Far I’m Still Writing in Peyton Manning for President

Evan McMullin has entered the race for President as an independent candidate. He is thus far precluded from getting on the ballot in around twenty-five states, having missed filing deadlines. There are lots of rumors about Evan’s candidacy, but this far nothing is forthcoming.

Does he have a legal team to challenge ballot access deadlines? Who will he choose as his running mate? Can he raise the money? Where does he stand on the issues?

For someone opposed to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and singularly unimpressed with Gary Johnson, McMullin has potential. The downside to McMullin, though, is that he just provides an excuse for Trump and Trump’s supporters to blame on Trump’s loss as opposed to letting Trump do it all on his own.

Trump supporters are already saying they have a list of people, now in August, to blame for when Trump loses in November, instead of accepting some fault for championing and building up Trump for so long when 66% of the GOP rejected him in the primaries and still 30% refuse to hold their nose after doing so for both McCain and Romney. But if it was not obvious in the primaries to someone that Trump cannot beat Hillary and it is not obvious now, it will not be obvious in November. So Trump and his supporters and surrogates will want a scapegoat to more directly blame than trying, with a straight face, to claim the millions of Americans who rejected him are the blame as opposed to themselves for supporting a braying jackass everyone knew couldn’t beat Hillary. Like Trump, his supporters will never accept that they’ve been had and will never admit they knew it all along.

McMullin, if he gets on the ballot in a few states, may take from Trump states that Trump would have won anyway, without either McMullin or Trump gaining states Obama won in 2012. In that case, it will not be plausible for Trump to blame McMullin, though Trump will no doubt try. McMullin then, it seems, is at best a play to get the House of Representatives to decide the race. I find it implausible the House would go with a guy whose single hand contains more figures than the number of states he might win.

I remain persuadable, but want to see how real and credible this candidacy is.

Until I am persuaded, my intention remains to write in Peyton Manning, whose exemplary character, patriotism, smarts, and leadership make him vastly more qualified than any of the candidates currently running for President.

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