So Sex-Segregated Bathrooms, No Good; but Sex-Segregated Movie Theaters, Good

From time to time it is helpful for those of us who don’t maintain intellectual residency in the trailer park of regressive liberalism to take stock of just where their societal evolution has brought our culture.

So as a courtesy update, here’s where we stand:

  • Red Scare McCarthyism is all the rage again – this time not perpetrated by anti-communist conservatives fearing Soviet infiltration of our government. No, now the Democrat/Media Complex is conducting it as they desperately try to prove that Donald Trump is an undercover KGB plant.
  • Along those lines, Hollywood blacklists are back with a vengeance. And just like with the neo-McCarthyism happening in D.C. these days, it’s not actual communist sympathizers being targeted. No, these days the blacklists are reserved for conservatives, who actually were forced to form a secret society in recent years called the “Friends of Abe” in order to escape retribution from the rigid left-wing orthodoxy of liberal directors and producers:Veteran performer Orson Bean embraced conservatism later in life. That gave him a unique perspective on how Hollywood treats two very different political parties. Here’s whatBean told his son-in-law, Andrew Breitbart, back in 2007. “It’s harder now to be an open conservative on a Hollywood set than it was back then to be a Communist.”
  • Segregation, as in separating blacks and whites, is trendy again. Both the University of Connecticut and Cal State LA have been in the news recently as they have sought to solve the problems of racism and prejudice by quarantining blacks into their own “safe space” dorms.
  • And in what may be the most confusing development of all, liberals (particularly liberal feminists) recently became enraged when conservative pundit Stephen Miller purchased a ticket to the “woman-only” screening of Wonder Woman in Brooklyn. Of course this happens on the heels of the left’s collective freakout over state legislatures who would dare to pass laws segregating bathrooms on the basis of sex. So, sex-segregated bathrooms are bad, but sex-segregated movie theaters are essential in order to dismantle the patriarchy.

Got it? “Progressive” liberalism has helped American society progress backwards to the days of Plessy v. Ferguson, Hollywood blacklists, McCarthyism, and less protections for women and children.

If you’re curious as to why the phrase “regressive liberal” is becoming an increasingly prevalent in describing the modern left, this would be why.

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