So You or Your Kid Wants a Drone

If you follow me regularly on social media, you’ll know I have a drone. I recently upgraded from a DJI Phantom 4 to a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. The camera quality and sensors are very much improved, but it is an expensive product.

Lately, a lot of people have asked me about buying a drone. I figured it was easiest if i just put it here. The fact is that drones can be difficult to fly, are expensive, and you really need to know what you are doing. They can be dangerous and are too expensive to break.

What I have started recommending is that you buy this first. It is a $20.00 indoor helicopter from Before I started flying drones, I flew this. It was the perfect training vehicle.

The helicopter is cheap, has similar controls to a drone, and flies indoors where you have to learn to control it in often cramped conditions.

Honestly, I broke a half dozen of these getting started. But they are $20.00 and I was not too upset about it. I finally ordered a couple different models. Once I was able to navigate them from the living room to the kitchen then through to the dining room, I knew I could control something expensive and more complex.

Only then did I invest in a Phantom 4 drone, which in and of itself has a lot of sensors to keep it from crashing into stuff. Had I not gone the helicopter route first, I would have probably wasted even more money.

If you or your child is interested in a drone to fly outdoors, start on this helicopter first. Yes, you have to fly it indoors, but that is the point. It isn’t going to break anything except itself. But once you have mastered it, you’ll have mastered the basics of flying a much more complex drone outside.

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