Socialism, Sanders, and Sissies

Bernie Sanders is not a kook, like an eccentric uncle. He’s nuts. America is not a socialist nation, and as much as the idiotic Democrats pander to the “more free stuff” impulses demanded by self-entitled sissies, they can’t go where Sanders would take the nation.

Even Vice President Biden pushed back against Bernie’s plan for $19.6 trillion in tax hikes.

But nothing short of confiscation can pay for Bernie’s giveaways.

Taken together, Sanders is proposing $19.6 trillion in new taxes over a decade, according to an analysis by the Washington Examiner, of which $14 trillion would come from his healthcare plan alone. To put that in perspective, the Congressional Budget Office projects that federal revenues over the next 10 years will be a total of $41.6 trillion, meaning that Sanders would raise taxes by 47 percent over current levels.

We’ve seen this coming for a while. Every successive generation demands more than the previous, and now we’ve got a crop of spoiled sissies who want everything handed to them, gratis. They want a warranty on college, which is supposed to provide them with a high-paying job, cool glasses, and a girlfriend (or boyfriend, let’s not have a gender gap).

Americans are flooding the government with appeals to have their student loans forgiven on the grounds that schools deceived them with false promises of a well-paying career—part of a growing protest against years of surging college costs.

In the past six months, more than 7,500 borrowers owing $164 million have applied to have their student debt expunged under an obscure federal law that had been applied only in three instances before last year. The law forgives debt for borrowers who prove their schools used illegal tactics to recruit them, such as by lying about their graduates’ earnings.

Listen, snowflake: If you really feel that going to a for-profit school that promises you’ll be able to do a startup in your garage after only two years of programming classes, you deserve to lose your money. I’ve also got a real estate investment seminar for you, to tell you how to make $100k per month by maxing out your parents’ credit cards in Section 8 housing.

And if you think your Art History or Womyn’s Studies major will land you a hot job managing social media for a startup in Austin, starting salary $90k a year so you can party with Bono at SXSW, you’re delusional. The only way you’ll be near SXSW is as the bartender. But Bernie thinks the only way to keep you out of jail is to give away free college.

A generation of sissies who can’t live without their iPhones and Tinder is not going to strengthen America. Remember, everyone in the Soviet Union had a guaranteed job waiting for them when they left school. And everyone had a vote, as long as they voted for the one candidate on the ballot.

Socialism and wealth confiscation leads to the worst kind of statism–and ultimately to despotism. Bernie might seem like an eccentric old uncle, but he’s as dangerous as another non-religious Jew* who had similar views: Lev Davidovich Bronstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky.

And it’s looking more likely that this guy might be the 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

*The Jew reference is for “interesting fact” value, not any theory that non-religious Jews are any more dangerous than other crazy socialists. I am, in fact, Jewish by birth and I never was particularly religious until I found a “more excellent way” 15 years ago–but that’s a different story, and I never was a socialist anyway.

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