Someone Please Take Steve King’s Microphone Away

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King stuck his finger in a light socket over the weekend when he opined on Twitter that Dutch politician Geert Wilders understands, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” How refreshing to see the Congressman is apparently a proud graduate from the Donald Trump School of Twitter Etiquette.

To make matters worse, King opted not to react to his buffoonery by issuing a brief if not desperate attempt at clarification, right before going into political hibernation for a few weeks. No, instead he went on the radio and proceeded to predict a coming fight between, “Hispanics and the blacks.” Yes, “the blacks.” The SNL skit writes itself.

First, it’s hard to imagine in what parallel universe King thought commenting about “somebody else’s babies” was a sound political move. But beyond that, the content of what he said is just philosophically and morally wrong. And that’s the angle of this story that we should be paying far more attention to than the political fallout.

While everyone on the left rushes in like an alley cat on crack to pose and posture about King’s racial insensitivity, many on the right are stumbling backwards trying not to be caught up in the flames of yet another self-ignited dumpster fire.

This, of course, begs the question: why is it that Republicans seem determined to continue choosing public representatives that not only seem to play into every one of the left’s caricatures of the right, but also are so utterly incapable of articulating the true tenets of conservative thought? Since he is an elected Republican, conservatives get tagged with this foolishness from King despite the fact that his remarks were anything but reflective of conservative thought.

Of course the political right acknowledges the preeminence and superiority of Western society. Conscience rights, constitutions, natural law, free enterprise, personal autonomy and responsibility, moral authority and accountability – these principles and virtues transformed the world and have proven themselves to be the characteristics that precipitated the enormous creativity, genius, and prosperity experienced in the West as opposed to everywhere else in the world.

But conservatives should be carrying the message to the world that when embraced and affirmed, those principles and virtues work no matter whose baby you are. This isn’t about racial or ethnic hegemony, or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s about the power of Western cultural ideas. It’s not about having more white babies to outnumber the non-white babies. It’s about teaching babies of all skin color that Western ideals are better than any other in the world.

That’s what will restore our civilization. It’s what will transform any civilization.

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