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Something Different Today: Recipes Instead of Politics

One day I am going to have a cooking show called “Not Everything is Political.” The guest is going to be a politician or celebrity and instead of talking politics, we’re going to cook and talk about life and get to know each other. I have discovered that the secret to life is being able to break bread with people with whom I have fundamental political differences, but who enjoy life because not everything is political. In that vein, today I offer you something different: recipes.

Sure, there are some political posts here. But I do a lot of cooking at Thanksgiving. A LOT. By this time of year I am exhausted and hate to travel. So I invite my entire family over so my wife, kids, and I do not have to travel. Then we do all the cooking and cleaning.

So this morning here are are some of my favorite recipes that I’ll be making this week. I hope you might be able to add them to your family’s menu and hope you too can break bread with others and find common ground away from the politics of the day.

God bless and happy Thanksgiving.

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