Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, accompanied by his running mate Carly Fiorina, greets supporters during a stop of his presidential campaign, Thursday April 28, 2016, at an Elkhart, Ind. restaurant. (AP Photo/Joe Raymond)

Son of Cuban Dissident Ted Cruz Schools Prankster With ‘Communist Manifesto’

At a campaign event in Indiana yesterday, U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) was met by an attendee who asked him to sign a copy of The Communist Manifesto as a joke.

Initially taken aback by the unusual request, Cruz was a good sport and decided to oblige. Here’s what came about from that exchange:


The message reads: “Millions have suffered because of this.”

Red-baiting? More like masterful trolling!

Cruz is proud to tout his anti-communist roots since he’s a son of a Cuban dissident. He knows firsthand how evil and devastating the ideology of communism was in the 20th century. (Contrary to historical revisionists, it’s still a threat in the present day–just look at college campuses and pop culture.) He understands the dangers of big government, fascism, and totalitarianism today thanks to his upbringing. His main very orange-hued challenger, however, previously denigrated victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre as rioters and has expressed admiration for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Too many people fail to think big picture with respect to freedom versus tyranny. Socialism is sadly making a comeback among members of my generation, but it must be countered. Tyranny of all shapes and stripes should be wholly rejected in this country.

Those of us who grew up with parents who fled communism–my parents and Senator’s Cruz’ father included–see the threat of tyranny today. I recommend supporting groups like the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to help educate our peers about the dangers of global communism. It needs to be wholly condemned like National Socialism has.

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