Sore Loser

I understand it is on principle, but Linda Poole should drop this. Ms. Poole, who has contributed comments here, is well meaning by this suit. But it crosses into the bounds of sore loserdome. She makes very good points and this action puts her as risk of not being taken seriously.

Linda Poole wants the recent SPLOST election thrown out.

Tuesday morning, she filed a petition in Bibb County Superior Court to contest the special purpose local optional sales tax election held June 21.

Her petition accuses county commissioners of false advertising to influence voters to approve the SPLOST and Bibb County Elections Board Supervisor Elaine Carr of misconduct for publicly supporting the SPLOST’s passage.

Poole, a Bibb County Republican, ran an unsuccessful campaign last year to unseat Bibb County Commissioner Bert Bivins. This spring, she and Libertarian David Corr held a joint news conference to announce their opposition to the SPLOST.

A Superior Court judge will decide whether there are grounds for her challenge to proceed.

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  • Dear Eric,

    Why don’t you take your self-promoting opinion about Linda Poole and stick it where the sun does not shine? That is the problem with people like you, is that you cannot relate to someone that actually will stand up and fight for values and ethics, even when going against the odds. This is because you will obviously not do anything for society, unless there is a dollar bill attached to it. If you want to see a real loser, I suggest you start by looking in the mirror.


    Linda J. Poole