Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group Strikes Again

Twice a year, teachers like myself across the country receive copies of a magazine called “Teaching Tolerance” that is full of articles and resources on how to war against hate in schools. That seems like an admirable enough objective until you take the time to see who publishes the magazine: the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The radical organization has carved out a notorious reputation for slandering and maligning anyone who doesn’t share their political and social views by placing them on their ominous-sounding “hate map.” You can be a sweet churchgoing grandma, but if you believe the Bible is right about human sexuality, there will be no tolerance for your views – you’re designated a hater.

By the way, yes that’s the same hate map that was utilized by Floyd Lee Corkins who attempted a mass terror attack at the Family Research Council in Washington just a few years ago.

Having loaded three magazines in his 9mm, Corkins, a volunteer at a local LGBT center, purchased 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches that he planned to smear in the faces of his victims as a political statement. According to what the would-be terrorist told police, he consulted the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map to select his target. Thankfully a security guard named Leo Johnson thwarted the attack, and Corkins is serving 25 years.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, however, continues their slander of conservatives unabated. No one should blame SPLC for the actions of an evil lunatic, of course. Still, fair-minded people will certainly see the uncomfortable irony in a group that points at their political enemies as agents of hatred when they themselves inspire hatred. The FBI noticed this enough that following the FRC attack, they dropped the SPLC as one of their resources in investigating hate crimes cases.

And far from this FRC situation being an isolated incident with the SPLC, it would be better described as their standard operating procedure. Remember it was the SPLC that orchestrated the recent campus riot at Middlebury College that led to an assault on a professor, a canceled speaking event, and an attack on the speaker’s vehicle.

The SPLC is actually an elaborately wealthy interest group, despite its status as tax-exempt. Their founding leader, Morris S. Dees, lives an extravagant lifestyle with his now-fifth wife. Despite its name, the SPLC does a paltry amount of actual litigation on behalf of the poor and underprivileged. Instead, they fundraise.

They concoct scary sounding things like the “hate map” to instill fear, and then send out fundraising letters and emails to convince people they are fiercely combatting a dangerous enemy by contributing to the SPLC treasure. In actuality, that money is propping up a dishonest scam operation that peddles in hate to fund its $300 million budget.

There’s no question that our schools and entire culture need more tolerance and goodwill these days. And that means they need a lot less of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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