A while back, I wrote about the proliferatin of Asian spas in my area. The post is here.

I received a comment on my blog today. Read this:


I understand your frustration IF IN FACT you have illegal businesses crwoding your community. However, I wouldlike to highlight that your post may be considered libel and you may be sued (and lose) because of it. You should be more careful what you say.

To name a business and say that “these are houses of prostitution” is an actionable offense. To repeat hearsay (as you do) is immoral – and wrong.

Ever wonder why there are so many Asian massage parlors opening up in your area? It an only be because there are many active customers of asian massage parlors in your area.

I hope you will educate yourself and those around you, instead of promoting hate and prejudice.

As an aside, the comment poster did not leave his/her name and links to a blog on “Erotic” massages.

I’ll refrain from further comment because God knows I don’t want to get sued — being a lawyer and all. Hell, I’m judgment proof anyway.

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  • You have touched the tip of an iceberg. I’m a US citizen of Scottish descent living in a SE Asian nation, and I can tell you that several facts distinguish life here from the life you know in the USA. Here are some of the most important ones (I assume that, to a greater or lesser degree, the same facts apply to Asian criminals from Tiawan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and mainland China):

    SE Asians cannot fathom the fact that prostitution is not common and winked at in bars and restaurants everywhere in the West. The provision of sex for money comes naturally to many females in SE Asia, and is not considered criminal activity by many. Criminal gangs are the rule, not the exception, and corruption is endemic. Payoffs, bribes and other such dealings are the way things get done. No government contract or major business transaction is what the West could call “clean”…everything, from schools to religion to charity to politics to health care and all business, is tainted. Politics is a way for the dishonest and ruthless to enrich themselves. The legal system and the police are for sale, period. The courts routinely hand down decisions that are utterly insane, and cases of defamation of character are used by the rascals to silence their critics…cases that would be laughed out of court in the West are accepted here and go to trial. Murder and lesser forms of intimidation are normally resorted to by criminals in government, including high-profile politicians. You just don’t undersand the Asian mentality if you think your correspondent is not serious — he might well try to kill you! That’s the way these people think. They do not understand us any more than we understand them….”Ne’er the twain shall meet.”

    Finally, there is one thing of which you can be certain: your local cops, and likely the DA as well, are on the take. These Asians are not stupid: the first thing they do when they move in is to make sure John Law is taken care of. They assume that every man has his price…and experience proves them correct. How interested are you in cleaning things up? Think twice, and then think again, before you answer!!

  • Non-Anglo ethnic groups do not really believe in freedom of speech. A hazard of the Internet is that it may only take an intolerant few to ruin it. Jewish businessmen suing anyone who criticizes them, Arabs suing anyone who ‘disparages Islam,’ and others could derail the biggest advance since the printing press.