Spicer Out, Swamp Thing In?

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So now that Sean Spicer has resigned as White House press secretary, rumor has it that Wall Street muckity-muck Anthony Scaramucci is being tapped for communications director.  Truth be told, I would be just as surprised if President Trump was considering fellow Streeter and Chelsea Clinton hubby Marc Mezvinsky for the job, with as much as the two men have in common in terms of world view.

For instance, here’s Scaramucci on guns in America:

Sounds like he took that bit about America having 5% of the world’s population and using up 25% of the energy and shuffled it around a tick to bash the Second Amendment.  But that kinda makes sense, given his position on globalism:

Wait a second, I thought Trump was all about putting America first?  But whatevs.  Maybe he just misunderstood what the Donald was talking about.  That’s okay, because he’s totally on board with the rest of the agenda.

Um. . .all righty then.  Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here.

Or at least that’s what Scaramucci would like the Twitterverse to think, considering how fast he’s starting to delete things from his feed.


So tell me again why this guy is up for a job in the Trump administration?


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