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  • I’ve seen “Sith” twice. It was quite good. There are no recognizable political references in the movie. The “with me or against me line” hardly makes the movie a political commentary. I saw “Excaliber” when I was a kid. At one point early in the film, when the knights are deciding who is going to fight with the boy king, Uyrians (spelling?) screams “are you with us or against us.” I guess John Boorman was peering into the future.

    Essentially, all of the prequels appear to be more anti-politician than specifically ideological. I thought the original trilogy was Flash Gordon meets World War II (look at the Imperial uniforms for God’s sake). As far as I can tell, Lucas just pandered to the critics so that they would not pan the movie–and it worked! Even the New York Times gave the film a good review.

  • Wow, I personally felt that this movie was making a huge political statement. When I first heard Obi Wan say, only the Sith deal in absolutes either you are with me or against me ect.. I thought of Bush and the war on terrorism and I even thought it was cheezy and lame that they added this into the movie.
    I hardly think Star Wars is the place to make a political statement, but maybe it works on idiots, I don’t know, I personally can see through all the BS without Master Lucas’s help.
    Hey but who knows? Maybe some die hard Star Wars fans who are republican will get the picture. I especially like the fact that by saying that statement and basically admitting that this movie serves a dual purpose of political commentary Lucas is basically comparing Bush to Hitler, and claiming that he is trying to take over the country. Or at least asserting that someone who acts and says the things Bush does is capable of trying it. If you don’t believe it compare the Star Wars trilogies to Hitler’s nazi’s which were a large part of the premise of the Star Wars original trilogy I.E. “Storm Troopers” Anyways its all very interesting. May the force be with you, Jedi are democrats. (seemingly)