Stay Classy: Freelance Reporter Tweets Terrible Manchester Joke, But Twitter Gets Revenge

We get to see the tone deafness of the media in times of tragedy. Shortly after the horrific explosion at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, David Leavitt, a freelance reporter who had recently done some work for CBS tweeted a tacky joke. He has since deleted the tweet, but fortunately for us, screenshots are forever:

Yes. He tweeted that. Thankfully, Twitter users were ready to eviscerate Leavitt over his party foul.

Another responded, “you’re an embarrassment to boston (and earth). what if someone said this sh*t after the marathon bomb? don’t be an a**hole for attention.”

Leavitt’s reply wasn’t to apologize. No, at first he doubled down on the classy by pointing out that folks were giving him a hard time, often with profanity.

What a creep. Finally, two hours later, Leavitt relented and apologized, albeit in a somewhat flippant way.

For their part, CBS did their part by distancing themselves from Leavitt.

Here’s hoping media jerks will learn their lesson from David Leavitt.

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