President Donald Trump waves as he walks from the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, to Marine One for the short trip to Andrews Air Force Base, Md.. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Stay the Course, Mr. President

News broke over the weekend in the Wall Street Journal that President Trump would walk away from his promise to walk away from the Paris Climate Accord. Instead, according to reports, he would look to make changes.

Thankfully, President Trump and White House staff have now forcefully come out against the idea. According to General H. R. McMaster, President Trump will absolutely be withdrawing the United States from the Paris accord. Good.

But there is a catch in McMaster’s wording that we need to figure out.

“The president’s ears are open if, at some point, they decide they can come forward with an agreement that addresses the president’s very legitimate concerns with Paris,” McMaster said.

The key here is whether the President treats the Paris Accord like DACA and hangs on until changes come. The President should, in fact, get out as quickly as possible and only after having gotten out do something substantive. The problem with the Paris Accord in itself is that it is meaningless, but lets malicious Presidents screw up our economy in the name of doing good. President Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement exposes it for the fraud that it is and the withdrawal should be immediate.

While President Trump’s advisors have not been able to contain the President’s worst impulses on social media, etc., they have seemingly done an amazing job of restraining his best impulses. He wants to get out of the Iran deal, but he has not. He wants to walk back all the Obama Era social engineering in schools and with the abortion lobby, but has not. He wants to get out of the Paris Accord immediately, but has not. It is abundantly clear no one has to worry about letting President Trump be President Trump, but it is also clear there are those in the White House trying to slow him down. Whether those are remaining holdovers from the Obama era or liberals in the shadows, President Trump has an agenda that is being slow walked.

He needs to scuttle the Iran deal. He needs to walk back even more Obama executive orders. And he need not linger on the Paris Accord or even have discussions about fixing it. Just get out. And the tragedy of this Administration right now is that we all know the President agrees. But somehow, through the fault of someone other than him, his desires are being stymied.

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