Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks to members of the media before a campaign event at King's Christian Bookstore in Boone, Iowa, Monday, Jan. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Steve Hayes’s Must Read Piece on Ted Cruz in Iowa

You need to go read the whole thing, but this part reminds me of Rich Lowry’s piece on Ted Cruz as Nixon. No, mind you, not that Nixon, but the one who is going to outwork everybody else and do what it takes to get elected.

This bit is just epic.

All of which made the third video at the Cruz rally that much more interesting. In that one, the campaign claims Cruz as the rightful heir to Ron Paul’s ‘Liberty Movement’ and showcases several alumni of the Ron Paul for President effort who now support Cruz.

‘There are a lot of things that impress me about Ted Cruz and the way that he’s really picked up the mantle of Ron Paul in a lot of ways,’ says Joel Kurtinitis, a regional director for Ron Paul 2012 and the founder of Liberty Iowa. He admires Cruz for his commitment to libertarian principles and for taking on the political establishment in Washington. ‘That’s been a consistent message of his—that it’s not really a divide between left and right, it’s a divide between Washington and the American people. I’ve seen him lead against unnecessary foreign intervention when he talked about staying out of the Syrian civil war. He led on Internet freedom when net neutrality came up.’….

The video is audacious and aggressive, like the candidate behind it. You can watch all 5:39 of it without realizing that Rand Paul is running for president himself. Other than the brief mention of Rand Paul’s support for Cruz’s Senate bid, the video ignores him completely.

Seriously go read the whole thing if you want an accurate understanding of why Ted Cruz is winning in Iowa right now.

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