Stick It, Lefty Smoking Nazis

Poor, poor lefty smoking nazis. The evil GOP controlled Supreme Court has just ruled 5-4 against you. That’s right. The Supreme Court just threw out a $79.5 million punitive damages claim against Phillip Morris USA in a smoking law suit.

Let the gnashing of teeth against Chimpy McHalliburtonMorris and the RobertsAlitoScalia Warmonger Court of Death Sticks begin.

Except you might want to know that Justice Breyer wrote the majority opinion:

In an opinion by Justice Stephen Breyer, the high court said that punitive damages awards based in part on a desire to punish a company for actions that harm people not involved in a particular lawsuit amounts “to a taking of property from the defendant without due process.”

I’m guessing the Evil Scalia was in the minority, given his oft repeated statements against caps on punies. We’ll know for sure shortly.


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