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This is a horrible idea.

Georgia is one of at least 18 states considering a law that would require every girl entering the sixth grade to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, commonly known as HPV, which causes cervical cancer.

Recently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry created a flap when he signed an executive order requiring the HPV vaccination for all girls entering the sixth grade. Some religious groups oppose mandating a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease. Others worry about how poor or uninsured families would pay for it.

While it might be worth doing later, right now we should not be using teenage girls as lab rats. At a minimum we should wait a year when there will be more drugs on the market doing the same thing, thereby using marketplace pressures to lower the costs. The current monopoly held drug is way higher than other required vaccines like the MMR.

Waiting another year, will also help fully vet the drug on school age children — something that has been repeatedly reported as not having been done on the present drug.

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  • This is an example of government intrusion into our lives where the government has no business. Such a vaccine would encourage young girls to have sex even more than culture does now. Low IQ girls would believe that it is a shot that prevents all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, and some would even think that the shot prevents pregnancy. Why not require teachers to teach that having sex at a young age will create problems, and teach young girls to have more respect for themselves? This is so absurd that I cannot believe it is even being considered.

  • I just can’t understand the nations hurry to rush to this vaccine. While certain vaccinations have been required for decades before a child is allowed to attend school, IMHO, this does not fit the requirement as a community health danger.

    What’s next?

    Merck and other big Pharma are beginning to legislate, via the state houses, it’s a dangerous direction for certain.

  • The Texas governor says that there is an “opt out” clause in the resolution or law. ..I’m not sure it is the law in Texas yet. . . so that parents are not being forced to have their daughters innoculated with the vaccine. As with estrogen having been considered good for womens’ “complaints” and coffee being bad and then all of a sudden good for people, red wine good to keep down heart attacks except in the eyes of the MADD folks, time passing seems to be what is lacking in the decisions to use or not use, to take or not to take such medicines or food and drink. “Moderation in all things” still seems a good rule of thumb, although with licentious sex being on the “wholesale, re-‘tail’ and red, yellow, black & white markets”, one can see why Merck as others feel they are offering a major service to the public at large, never mind “the cost”, now or in the future.

  • Doctors used to believe you could be cured by bleeding out bad blood and now they want to use “antibiotics” and such on me! How can you trust people who believe bleeding is a curative! Tell your Doc next time you see him to hold the mold.

    I wish the media were more balanced especially with science that good honest people disagree on. Is the world round or flat? People differ and I think both points of view should be explored and taught.