Stop the Presses: Cindy Sheehan Is Right

So I was standing in the shower this morning lathering up and it hit me — Cindy Sheehan is right!

Ronald Reagan was a part of the PNAC/NeoCon/Israel conspiracy plot to take over this country. Seriously. See if you are smart enough to follow the logic.

Ronald Reagan was, by all accounts, Presbyterian. That word, like PNAC, starts with a P. Further, Reagan was from California, the original home of the military industrial complex. But, and even more damning, Reagan was from Hollywood. And, well, we all know who controls Hollywood. Just ask Harvey and Marty.

There you have it. Cindy is right. Blessed Mother Cindy, please forgive us for doubting you.

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  • Attack, attack, attack.

    I find it disheartening that the right wing noise machine has spent so much time and effort trying to discredit Cindy Sheehan. The reason I am disheartened by it is because the attack effort is politically necessary to the Right due to George W. Bush urine poor leadership skills.

    You mention Ronald Reagan; can you picture him allowing Cindy Sheehan to win a public relations war like this?

    If the stakes weren’t so high I would enjoy seeing Bush continue to get his political backside kicked by an ordinary American. The problem is our country actually needs a leader right now. We can’t afford to lose in Iraq and if Bush is too weak to keep public opinion from turning against his Iraq policy (whatever it actually is) what good is he?