Strained: Jeff Sessions Allegedly Offered to Resign in Frustration

Jeff Sessions was one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most ardent supporters on the campaign trail. Sessions jumped on the Trump train before any other member of the senate. When Trump brought Sessions along with him after his 2016 election win, nominating the Alabama senator to the post of Attorney General, it was expected.

Now there is tension between them, and some reports have suggested that Sessions may have offered to resign, in frustration.

The friction between the two men stems from the attorney general’s abrupt decision in March to recuse himself from anything related to the Russia investigation — a decision the president only learned about minutes before Sessions announced it publicly. Multiple sources say the recusal is one of the top disappointments of his presidency so far and one the president has remained fixated on.

Trump’s anger over the recusal has not diminished with time. Two sources close to the president say he has lashed out repeatedly at the attorney general in private meetings, blaming the recusal for the expansion of the Russia investigation, now overseen by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Sessions recused himself after he became entangled in the ever-widening web of suspicion of Trump associates who were being investigated for communications with Russian officials.

Sessions had conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. whose name has been involved with other Trump associates, Sergey Kislyak, during the election. Sessions failed to disclose those meetings during his confirmation hearings.

The meetings were said to be part of Sessions’ work as a member of the Senate armed services committee, and while that was within the scope of his authority, he still sought to calm any concerns by recusing himself from any part of the Russia investigation.

As former FBI Director James Comey prepares to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump could very well be looking for allies.

Sessions is not one he should want to lose.

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