Street Violence In June, Where Will We Be In October?

The violence in San Jose was inexcusable. Police just stood by while Trump supporters were viciously attacked. Those making the attacks also burned an American flag and chanted “Make California Mexico again.”

This climate of street violence is unsustainable, wrong for America, and can only lead to a very dark place. Both Erick and other commentators have condemned this as a direct result of President Obama’s race identity politics.

Here’s what Erick wrote:

All these things happened by an emboldened left that has watched the President of the United States demand wholesale changes to the American conscience overnight. From forcing those with religious convictions to provide goods and services that violate their conscience to forcing boys into girls’ bathrooms to finding racism where none exists and siccing the Department of Justice on businesses, governments, and individuals, and the list goes on and on.

Noah Rothman cited the “fabricated racism” of the left versus Trump’s flirtations with the real thing.

Among the grievances that animate America’s liberal activists is an arguably noble intolerance toward anything that may be perceived to be racial bigotry. As American society banished real racism to the nation’s most dimly lit salons of ignobility, however, champions of equality on America’s campuses began to divine racist intent in the mundane. Liberals have been particularly attuned to racism in Republicans who had the temerity to challenge Barack Obama. The results of this crusade on fabricated racism has been to inure the right to the charge of xenophobia and chauvinism and also to create a cast of liberals who react disproportionately when they encounter the real thing. And Donald Trump has few qualms with the real thing.

For sure, Trump knows how to blow the dog whistles that summon his core supporters to his defense, and even a sense of action. I would not be surprised to learn of death threats against U.S. District Judge Gonalo Curiel.

The problem isn’t as much of the fringe elements meeting in the streets, it’s the rest of us being dragged into this maelstrom of hate. The Democratic Party elevates groups like the National Council of La Raza, with the Obama administration even raising millions for them at taxpayer expense. That particular group opposes (as do the Democrats) any form of voter ID.

In 2013, La Raza began publishing voting stations that don’t require ID, and they’re very organized in registering Latinos (legal or illegal) to vote. In Florida and California especially, they spent tens of millions on registration drives (much of it coming from former Obama bundlers and other Democratic fundraisers).

The old saw “follow the money” paints a very clear trail. There’s a direct link between the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton, and the organizers of these anti-Trump protests–including the violence in San Jose.

While Trump doesn’t have a money trail (to anything in particular at least) to his racist supporters, his continual wink-and-nod approval of the alt-right and alt-right apologists like Milo Yiannapolous is troubling. It’s a case of guilt-by-association.


Trump’s unlikely coalition of Republican, conservative, evangelical and fringe voters is made up of groups (some mutually exclusive) which sacrifice their own deeply-held beliefs for Trump. This is classic cult of personality territory, by the way. The problem is that backing Trump, either for the sake of “Republican unity” like Rubio, Perry, and now Speaker Ryan have done, brings people into the same circle as white nationalists, racists and neo-Nazis, whom Trump tacitly acknowledges.

Trump himself is not anti-Semitic (his daughter Ivanka is a converted Jew), but he puts up with Jew haters. Trump has a family history of racist actions. By falling in line, millions of people, GOP leaders, have placed themselves in the terrible position of agreeing on a presidential candidate who pulls a lot of garbage in his wake. That puts those people in the same wake, swimming with the garbage and apologizing for the stench.

The Democrats have a money trail to violence, and Trump hauls it in his wake. Neither side appears to be willing to pull back from this spiral into brutality. It’s only June. Where will we be in October when the campaigns hit a fever pitch? This is no normal election cycle. It’s the product of years of discontent one one side and “community activism” on the other.

Some adults need to step up and diffuse this bomb before it gets to the point where nobody can (and people lose their lives). Given what happened in San Jose, for some it may already be too late.

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