Strong African Woman Obliterates Arrogant White Pro-Abortion Americans

Put this in your intersectionality pipe and smoke it.

After last week’s “Family Planning” Summit in London, a Nigerian microbiologist with a Masters in biomedical science tore the sick and depraved child-killing crusade of Western nations like the United States and England. Obianuju Ekeocha has apparently had her fill of arrogant white people in the West telling her that the best thing her home continent can do to improve itself is to kill more of its children.

That demeaning attitude, she reasoned, smacks of cultural superiority – the very mindset of cultural superiority that says Africans can only excel if they act more like white people. It’s an oddly humorous turn of events for the same progressive leftists who have beat the drum of multiculturalism for years to be exposed as the ones behaving like “old colonial masters,” as Ekeocha so accurately described.

“If we’re talking about abortion, well, I don’t think that any Western country has a right to pay for abortions in an African country, especially when the majority of people don’t want abortion…that then becomes a form of ideological colonization,” said Ekeocha.


BBC’s Babita Sharma responded by saying, “the fact remains that hundreds of millions of women don’t have access [to contraception] and should.”  “Well, you’re saying ‘should,’ but who are you to decide, if you don’t mind me saying?” asked Ekeocha. “There isn’t a popular demand.”

Ekeocha is right. This is the imposition of Western political agendas onto a people that are not asking for it. And why are American and British liberals so intent on doing so? Because they think if Africans only thought more like white liberals, their lives would be so much better.

Call me crazy, but that seems a bit racially arrogant and culturally condescending, no?

Ekeocha blasted the “Western solution” of thinking contraception is the solution rather than food, water, and basic healthcare.  “Why don’t you listen to the people first?” she asked. “In all this talk about contraception, the one thing that I have never heard of in all my time trying to track all these things is something like the side effects of contraception. No one ever tells the African women, when they come to promote contraception across the different African countries.”


Ekeocha said she recently consoled African women who had IUDs inserted into them without being warned about the side effects.  “These women were crying,” she said. “No one ever told them” about the terrible side effects of contraceptives. “But someone from a Western organization…came and put IUDs into them and told them, ‘this is what you need to come out of poverty.’”  Education rather than contraception is what African women need, Ekeocha said.

For years, Americans have endured the schoolmarm lectures from liberal academia and media about our lack of humility in the world. I gladly join my sister from Nigeria in telling these folks to stuff a sock in it so long as they are the ones promoting the idea that the world would be a better place if we spent more white dollars to kill more African kids.

That’s about as arrogant, that’s about as evil, as it gets.

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