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Stuck Pigs

Should you have any doubts about Saturday night’s opening skit on Saturday Night Live being damaging to the President, you need look no further than the Washington Post, which felt the need to fact check the skit. Liberals are in an uproar squealing like stuck pigs. Their own network, NBC, dared ridicule the President’s overreach.

Back in February, SNL’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, said liberals take humor going after them much more personally than Republicans do. This has been proven true again.

The left-wing site Think Progress felt the need to declare the skit funny as comedy, but terribly at explaining policy.

Unfortunately for the left, the skit has gone viral so quickly it will be very hard for them to counter it. The President has overreached his authority and SNL has poked fun at it.

There is a great lesson here for conservatives. Instead of yelling with spittle about the President’s overreach, laugh at him.

The post Stuck Pigs appeared first on RedState.

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