Super Sniper Kills Three Terrorists

Have you ever heard that good things come in threes?  For those into children’s literature there is Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff.  For those with a sweet tooth, a Three Musketeers.  If you are into 80’s sitcoms, Three’s Company.  How about three dead terrorists?

During a covert intelligence operation in Iraq an SAS sniper killed three ISIS fighters.  With one bullet.  From over a mile.

The reconnaissance team was forced to abort its primary mission when it noticed the murderers were going to shoot into a crowd of women and children attempting to flee from the terrorists.

The sniper, whose rifle was fitted with a suppressor to reduce noise, fired his once-in-a-lifetime shot.

The bullet first struck the man holding the machine gun in the head then hit a second terrorist in the chest. It passed through his body, ricocheted off a wall and hit a third man – who was in the same room – in the neck.

The only disappointing part of the story is that the first two terrorists died instantly.  Fortunately, the third had a good thirty seconds to ponder his virgin paradise.  Good things really do happen in threes.  I’m sure Chris Kyle is looking down upon this sniper with pride in his heart.


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