Superman Returns

I’m getting excited about it. But, watching the preview it sounds very much a take off on Christ. “For their capacity to do good, I have sent you my only son.” Whatever!

Fascinating that so many will flat out reject a belief in Christ, but will eat this up. Sure, everyone accepts Superman as fantasy. But even were you to accept both it and the Christian faith as mythology, I’d still say the Christian story is more fascinating — God comes to earth as man and allows himself to be killed only to rise again from the dead. Superman, on the other hand, is frankly rather boring.

Of course the cool thing is one of these two is real and one is a comic book.

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  • Oh yeah?? Prove it! How do you know that the authors of the Bible weren’t using the same writing techniques to make the man more than he actually was. In fact, the bible does seem like a comic book now that you mention it. There’s the villan(satan) there’s the hero(Jesus) and his justice league of 12. “With super-human power”, the man floated on water, could get everyone drunk and fead, and of course the ultimate power, invincibility. I wonder if he could also go through walls, or become invisible, or had really stretchy limbs, or shoot lasers out his eyes to cast out evil doers. God can do anything right? Some texts which were left out of the bible, and recently re-discovered aren’t that far off on the crazy scale. Bottomline, the bible has been a tool to control people through fear under their own ignorance. It was written hundreds of years after Jesus. And you don’t think that something was lost in translation and/or changed by the Catholic church.