Support Josh Hawley for Attorney General in Missouri

We are seeing more and more that the attorneys general of the fifty states matter. In North Carolina, for example, the attorney general has declined to defend the state in a lawsuit over its repeal of Charlotte, NC’s bathroom ordinance. The attorney general is declining to do his primary job because he is running for governor and wants liberal support.

The attorney general is a more and more important position and conservatives need to get good ones elected. In Missouri, there is a crowded field for the job, but only one solid conservative. I hope you will consider supporting Josh Hawley for Attorney General.

Josh has defended people of faith and believes in the defense of religious liberty. He strongly supports the second amendment and is pro-life. We need people like Josh Hawley to fill attorneys general roles around the country.

I hope you will consider supporting him. You can donate here.

Josh’s primary opponent is the chairman of the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee, Kurt Schaefer. He has used his position to try to put pressure on Josh Hawley to stay out of the race. That did not work. Likewise, Schaefer has a very close relationship with organized labor and was endorsed by the AFL-CIO in 2012. He actively opposed right to work legislation.

Josh, on the other hand, supports right to work. He does not just say he is pro-life, he has actually fought for the issue. He has fought for religious liberty issues. Josh is a responsible, unapologetic conservative. The attorney general of a given state is a highly influential position. We need a solid conservative in that position in Missouri and Josh Hawley is the only one who fits the criteria.

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