Support Your Favorite Small Businesses This Week

This week marks National Small Business Week. This celebration will take place from April 30-May 6, 2017. Since 1963, the country has celebrated this week honoring American small businesses. Here’s more about it from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is under the leadership of Linda McMahon:

Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Per SBA estimates, more than half of Americans “either own or work for a small business” which help create “two out of every three new jobs” here each year. In January, the SBA found there were nearly 30 million small businesses that employ 58 million people:

Credit: Small Business Administration








The White House issued this press release on behalf of Vice President Mike Pence to commemorate the week:

Since 1963, the White House has honored America’s small businesses by marking this National Small Business Week and recognizing the tremendous contributions that small businesses make to our country every single day.

Just this weekend, President Trump declared that “small business owners embody the American pioneering spirit and remind us that determination can turn aspiration into achievement.”

I know firsthand how true that statement is. I grew up in a small business family in a small town in Columbus, Indiana. I went to work at my father’s gas station when I was only 14 years of age. And as the world knows, President Trump grew up in a family business, too.

We both know the sacrifices that are required to make a business work. And we know that when small business is strong, America is strong.

A stunning 99.7 percent of all American businesses are small businesses. And no fewer than 57 million Americans work for small businesses – nearly half of all private-sector jobs in the United States.

Our economy, from coast to coast, depends every day on small businesses.

Here’s how social media users are spreading the love of small businesses:

How will you honor small business this week? What a great way to celebrate and appreciate American free enterprise!


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