Susan Rice: Defender of Truth

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice recently took to the op-ed pages of the Washington Post to stress the importance of truth.  It seems that Rice is disturbed by a pattern of prevarication she sees emerging from the current occupant of the White House, and is worried how that might affect America’s position in the world:

When a White House deliberately dissembles and serially contorts the facts, its actions pose a serious risk to America’s global leadership, among friends and adversaries alike.

She went on to say:

First impressions matter, and an unsettling pattern has already been established. Still, it is possible to mitigate the long-term effects of this vacation from veracity — if the White House and the president quickly and convincingly return to the tradition of endeavoring to tell the truth from the Oval Office and the White House briefing room.

That’s right.  Rice wants to “return” to the tradition of truth so exemplified by the administration of which she was a part.  If the name Susan Rice sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because she was the person Barack Obama sent out to the Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi attack to say that four Americans got killed there because of a YouTube video.

I guess that’s what passes for endeavoring to tell the truth?

In all fairness, truth in the Obama era was pretty hard.  Between Fast & Furious, the IRS and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” it really got tough to remember which lie they told.  This attempt to erase history just seems like icing on that nasty little slice of cake.  But Susan Rice, of all people, defending the truth–that really got me thinking.

It would be crazy, like:

Michael Moore extolling the virtues of a healthy diet.
Donald Trump praising the value of humility.
Miley Cyrus talking up the benefits of a chaste lifestyle.
Justin Bieber warning of the dangers of smoking pot.
Alec Baldwin coaching an anger management seminar.
Vladimir Putin giving a speech about the importance of a free press.
Teddy Kennedy teaching a swim class.
Bill Nye appearing as a character witness for Mark Steyn.
Ayatollah Ali Khameni promoting religious inclusion.
Kim Jong-un penning a men’s fashion column.
E.L. James winning the Pulitzer for fiction.
Ann Coulter being invited to a Bush family barbecue.
John Boehner crying on Ted Cruz’s shoulder.
Ashley Judd making any kind of sense.
Chelsea Clinton going more than a day not appearing in The Hill.
The CW having a show with an ugly character in it.
Amy Schumer telling a funny joke.
Chuck Schumer not being a funny joke.
Congress getting higher than a 30% approval rating.
Harry Reid admitting what really happened to his eye.
Finding a movie that isn’t a reboot, sequel or based on a comic book.
Hillary Clinton conquering the Stairmaster.
Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Wait, that last one actually happened, didn’t it?  Well, sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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