Dori Mann takes a snapshot of friends and family posing with a snowman draped with an anti-Trump sign as they all participated in a climate change awareness march and rally, in Denver, Saturday, April 29, 2017. The gathering was among many others of its kind held nationwide marking President Donald Trump's 100th day in office. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Sweltering Heat? The Media Spins the Global Warming March

If you read any story about yesterday’s march for climate change, which is really global warming, but they rebranded it, you’ll notice it was sweltering heat in Washington.

91°F is “sweltering,” though please note it was not record breaking heat, but rather tied a record set in 1974. Yes, the hottest recorded temperature on this day in Washington, D.C., was a record set 43 years ago when scientists were worried about global cooling.

By the way, the “sweltering” high heat came after 2p.m. in the afternoon, when many of the marchers had wrapped up. The heat stayed in the low to mid-eighties through much of the morning when the major march was going on. It was not sweltering or anywhere close when the people were out marching that morning.

Also, notice how the media is fixated on the Washington march so you’d never know it was snowing in places like Denver during their global warming march. The picture above is from that march.

But let’s give them some credit. Usually it snows when they arrange these global warming protests, so they’ve gotten a bit smarter. They probably should have waited till the summer so reporters could honestly say it was sweltering. Instead, we just need to add this as another example of the media lying to advance an agenda.

This, again, is why so many on the right maintain a healthy skepticism of all the dire global warming scenarios. The media and the partisans on the left cannot be honest about the basic facts. So why should we believe the dire outcomes?

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