Sydney is Preggers

I don’t know about this. Let’s just admit that J.J. Abrams did let the show get to the fringes last year. But, it will be somewhat hard to cover up the fact that Syndey is pregnant. Let’s just hope that Fetus Affleck is a better actor/actress than Daddy Affleck.

According to The New York Daily News, Jennifer Garner’s pregnancy is to be written into her TV show Alias. Stephen McPherson, the programming chief of ABC, says: “We are going to embrace the fact that she’s pregnant. We also don’t want to put her in situations where she’s endangering herself and the baby.”

So basically Alias will transition from a show about spies and government espionage into a show about Jennifer Garner lying in bed eating pickles and ice cream, getting up every 15 minutes or so to pee. Am I the only one that thinks we’ve got a winner on our hands? Now that the main character has a fat belly and can’t do anything except waddle around buying baby clothes, the show is guaranteed to be non-stop action and drama.

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