The McConnell Tax Hike

The McConnell Tax Hike will become law of the land. Mitch McConnell can and should take responsibility for it. The McConnell Tax Hike raises taxes on people making over $400,000.00, but it also raises taxes on the middle class. “More than 80 percent of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 would pay higher taxes.” Not only does the McConnell Tax Hike stick it to | Read More »

Self-Awareness Matters

In politics, self-awareness matters. It does. When I was a political consultant, I told my clients my first two rules. The first was to know when you were in the minority, even when you thought you were right. The second was to know yourself as others see you. Self-awareness matters. Were I to run for the Senate, it would be a terribly nasty campaign. It’d | Read More »


A friend’s daughter wrote this last week after the election. He emailed to see if I had an interest in posting. I got busy traveling and failed to, but wanted to make sure this got up. Red The dark horses, it’s over now We’re counted out We’re felled and down Amidst a struggle ugly to remember Do we regret this fight we fought? Not one | Read More »

From November 8, 2011: See, I Told You So

Yep, I’m going to label it that way. Only after the first debate did I start to think Romney could win (and frankly, given the way some of you people reacted when I said the polls weren’t rigged, I’d have kept my mouth shut if I thought otherwise), but for five years I have been saying roughly what is now happening would happen — Romney | Read More »

Status Quo Ante

Like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, we now know what happens when a candidate so weak anybody can beat him meets a candidate so weak he cannot beat anybody. Americans vote for the status quo. $6 billion later, Americans voted for the status quo. Karl Rove, call your donors. Republicans will keep the House. Democrats will keep the Senate. Obama will keep | Read More »

Who The Heck Knows?

Republicans are supposed to be “rah-rah” for Romney today. Democrats are supposed to be “rah-rah” for Obama today. I don’t much believe either side at this point. Democrats are supremely confident right now in Washington. The Republican consultants not so much. It is a reversal from just two weeks ago. Here’s what I do know and do believe. I believe Mitt Romney will win Florida, | Read More »

This Race is Over

We are less than a week from the election. At this point, I just want it over. I want my life back. I’m worn out. I am struggling to still care now that I have cast my absentee ballot. I think most Americans feel that way. The people of Ohio and Florida are begging for a return to TV ads for male enhancement drugs and | Read More »