Obama’s Hubris Will be His Undoing

Barack Obama has lost North Carolina and Florida. His ground game is at near parity in early voting with the GOP, the GOP is more energized, and he is going to lose both. But he will not stop spending money in those two states and redirect the resources to Ohio, which is now a must win state for him. He will not do it because | Read More »

The Last Debate

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney meet to discuss and debate foreign policy tonight. Will Romney pull his Libya punches again tonight? Probably not, but the Obama team has worked overtime pushing a false narrative about Al Qaeda in Libya. The Romney Team has put together a debate widget so you can follow along. Consider this as well an open thread.

Obama Campaign is Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off

We’re two weeks away and signs point to the Obama campaign flailing about like a chicken with its head cut off — or more precisely Florida, North Carolina, and, of all things, Virginia cut off. Colorado too seems to be slipping out of Obama’s reach making Ohio more and more necessary. Paul Ryan has begun making incursions into Western Pennsylvania, which gets Ohio media markets, | Read More »

Bibi vs. Obama

In Florida, a new ad is playing highlighting just how badly President Obama has bungled things with Israel and with Iran. The ad uses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s words and makes for a pretty sharp message. The same group doing that ad, Secure America Now, has up another ad also playing in Florida. It highlights U.S. Government funding of the Muslim Brotherhood. Want to | Read More »

We’ve Come 180 Degrees in the Attack of the Polls

For the past couple of months I’ve been under attack from users here and conservatives elsewhere for refusing to believe the polls were rigged. I’ve certainly agreed they’ve been weighted too much for the Democrats and were, consequently, wrong, but I have never thought it was intentional. I saw no sense whining about it as it just makes conservatives sound unhinged and detached from reality. | Read More »

At Best a Fleeting Tie for Obama. The Reality is a Cancer on His Campaign

I think Mitt Romney won the debate, but not by much. He flubbed a few good opportunities to really score decisive blows on the President, but definitely drew more blood. The CNN polling and CBS News polling confirm it. While more thought Barack Obama won the debate, largely because his last performance was so bad, clear majorities outside the margin of error thought Mitt Romney | Read More »

Thomas Peterffy and the Freedom to Succeed

Thomas Peterffy is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online brokerage firm. But he wasn’t always. In 1956, Thomas Peterffy, unable to speak English, fled Hungary as the Iron Curtain was lowering on Eastern Europe. By the time Peterffy left Hungary, the communists were in charge. Around 350,000 people, many intellectuals and politicians, were purged by the communists. In 1956, Hungary went through a revolution | Read More »

The American Political Press’s Psycho Moment

I was too hard on Chuck Todd in my earlier post. I apologize to him for it. My point was not to brow beat Chuck Todd, but many people took it as such. I have to conclude I failed to convey the extent of my point because in focusing as I did on Chuck Todd and his remark, I overshadowed the substance of his remark. | Read More »