They Gave Clinton What She Wanted

There are going to be, for a very long time, a lot of Trump supporters who simply refuse to accept that they were conned. They will blame me. They will blame others. They will never accept responsibility for an easily predictable defeat — a defeat in large part merely by Trump’s own words used against him.

The media too will never really be honest. The media will talk about Republican detachment. They will talk about Republican civil wars. The media will also, moving forward, spend a lot of time hanging Trump around the necks of Republicans like a millstone. What the media will never confess to or own up to acknowledge is the role the media played in giving Hillary Clinton exactly what she wanted.

Many Trump voters sided with Trump because they thought the establishment had hand picked sure fire losers like McCain and Romney. They wanted to pick this time. But subtly and effectively, the media chose for them. Donald Trump’s plane landings were treated by CNN as if they were Air Force One landings. Trump was allowed phone call visits on shows across America where other candidates were expected to be in studio.

During the course of the primaries, Trump benefited from vastly more free air time than any other Republican. What made it so astounding was how uncritically the coverage of Trump was. Where other candidates had rallies and speeches cut short, Trump’s ran in their entirety. Where others candidates were fact checked and rebutted, Trump was given a pass.

Trump had the advantage of being a familiar New Yorker who had spent years cultivating relationships with members of the media and used those relationships.

And now we know Hillary Clinton wanted Trump all along. Based now on interviews and Wikileaks documents, we know that the Clinton campaign engaged in a concerted effort to help shape a media narrative favorable toward Trump.

The media will rebut these claims with highlights of their general election footage wherein they brought to light all the Trump nonsense that destroyed his campaign. But they can show few examples in the primaries when Trump was treated as a ratings bonanza so long as he was not attacked.

Media ratings mattered in the rise of Trump. Trump’s voters, so convinced the establishment was going to pick a Jeb Bush or another Mitt Romney, let the media guide them toward Trump. In the end, it is the Trump voters who chose him and gave us a Clinton victory. But I have a hard time believing many of these voters would have stuck with Trump had the media treated Trump the way they treated any of the other Republican Presidential candidates.

Resurgent Predictions for Tuesday

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John Piper Says Christians Do Not Have to Vote. He Is Right.

John Piper is on point with this sermon. Christians in the United States are under no obligation to vote. We are citizens of another kingdom and we have no duty in the present to choose between wickedness.

It is worth noting that John Piper says he will not vote for either of the major party Presidential candidates. For those who do not know who John Piper is, he is one of the most influential Christian pastors in the Western hemisphere, if not the world at large.

I am not saying we are bound not to vote. I am saying that the children of God are free to hear the voice of their Master about how to best witness to his supremacy. I will vote. But I have no intention of voting for either of these presidential candidates.

Hearing What You Want to Hear

Regular readers know I’m in seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary. The professor I have had the most, Dr. Derek Thomas, is in the news this week for something he did not do. His church, First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, is preaching through Isaiah.

This past Sunday, Dr. Thomas preached this most excellent sermon on Isaiah 45. This is the passage where Isaiah, 200 years before the event, prophesies the coming of Cyrus.

The point of the sermon is God’s sovereignty. God can use any person as an instrument of God’s will, even those who do not acknowledge God. Well, that is probably not a passage of scripture that can be heard this close to the election without people hearing what they want to hear.

It went viral. Blown up by World Net Daily and spread around Facebook pages across the nation, suddenly Dr. Thomas found that he had made the case for Christians supporting Donald Trump who, like Cyrus, could restore the church even though he is not one of us.

That was not the intention of the sermon. I should probably stop here and tell you Dr. Thomas is Welsh. He just became an American citizen, which right now is about like buying stock in September of 1929.

If you listen to the whole sermon, and I would encourage you to, his message would apply equally to Clinton as much as to Trump. But Clinton does not right now have an army of Christians trying to find biblical authority to justify support for a moral cretin. Trump does. So the sermon has gone viral as an endorsement of Trump without ever mentioning the man.

People hear what they want to hear.

What you should hear in the sermon is that God’s will is perfect, God can raise up leaders without our help, and whoever does win in three weeks will be because God ordained it, not you and not me. So leave your worries in the lap of the Lord, be still, and know He is God.

Trump’s Underminers: Becoming Who They Hate

Back in the 90’s, when women were coming forward alleging Bill Clinton had raped or otherwise assaulted them, James Carville suggested that if you “drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Republicans pounced on the line that Carville was attacking Clinton’s accuses as trailer trash. They demanded that Democrats stop attacking the victims and treat their allegations seriously.

Now, Trump and surrogates are attacking the women who’ve come forward about him as ugly. In fact, on MSNBC the other day, one of Trump’s defenders, AJ Delgado, defended Trump bringing up the looks of the accusers. Notably, she said

“when you have somebody claiming that you sexually assaulted them, you have brought looks into the equation.”

No, you really haven’t. But that won’t stop Trump’s defenders from stooping to the levels they once attacked Democrats for stooping. Trump and his supporters may be beneath civility and good manners, but nothing is beneath them. They are like the Underminer from The Incredibles.

I Just Donated to Evan McMullin for President

Between Hillary’s email problem and Trump’s women problem, Evan McMullin is picking up name ID and becoming relevant. I have just donated to his campaign and urge you to do the same.

Evan is on the ballot in a number of states and can be written in in other states like Georgia where I am.

To find out where Evan is on the ballot and where you can write him in go here. Likewise, you can download a PDF file of “write-in cards” that you can distribute to family and friends.

Evan makes it worth voting for President instead of recoiling in horror at the choices.

BrewBrawl Week 4: Giants vs Packers

Another great autumn weekend, another amazing opportunity for two of my favorite things–
football and craft beer!

This Sunday’s matchup, New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers, has all the makings of a very interesting game. While both are recent Superbowl champions, the 2016-17 season is off to a rocky start, with both unexpectedly defeated by the injury-plagued Minnesota Vikings.

As for their respective brews, I am anxious to see how this week shakes-out. While ‘The Creature” Black IPA had been drafted for the Packers in week 1, one of my go-to American Pale Ale’s was absolutely the perfect fit for the Giants… So, without further delay, lets play BrewBrawl!

[Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s will reflect the two teams playing Sunday Night Football that week. Thus, all post-season playoff games and championship rounds are TBD.]

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

dales-pale-aleNew York Giants: Dale’s Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery
[American Pale Ale] 6.5% ABV
65 IBU
Assertive but not overpowering. Medium bodied, prickly, slightly resinous with lively carbonation. Easy to drink with a clean finish.

the-creature-web1Green Bay Packers: The Creature
Urban Legend Brewing Company
[Black IPA] 8.5% ALC
85 IBU
A sturdy dark, malty flavor with rich, fruity hop aftertaste. Creamy, medium body making it easy to drink.

While it is clear these two beers could not be more different, the authentic deliciousness of ‘The Creature’ Black IPA was far-and-away the star of this game. Don’t get me wrong, as previously stated, I frequently buy and enjoying drinking Dales Pale Ale; especially when I am entertaining and want a reliable, middle of the road American Pale Ale option for my guests. And still it’s clear, ‘The Creature’ is not your typical beer, but the stuff of champions.

WINNER: Green Bay Packers/ The Creature

Please be sure to join me next week for: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans…


Mike Pence Sets Himself Up for 2020

Mike Pence won the debate. The only people who dispute this are aggressive partisans. He won, in part, by coming across as the reasonable adult in the room with a calm demeanor and in part by pretending Donald Trump did not exist.

It was obvious Tim Kaine was aggravated by Pence’s repeated denials that Trump had said things he very much did say. But Pence held his course steady and Kaine did his best impression of Trump in the last debate. Whoever told Kaine to pretend to be Trump should be fired and whoever suggested Kaine as Clinton’s VP nominee should probably be shot for political malpractice.

Tim Kaine was terrible. The only bit of Kaine’s performance that was redeemable was his left eyebrow.

Mike Pence showed his command of issues, his ability to deflect criticism, and his likability. He defended conservative values in ways Donald Trump never could. He was an outstanding, articulate spokesman for life issues. He finally denounced a Russia that his running mate praises.

If the GOP could reverse the ticket, they should. Trump, no doubt, is going to passively aggressively attack Pence because Pence outclassed Trump in every way.

A lot of conservatives, myself included, have suggested Mike Pence may need to be off the table entirely in 2020 just by accepting Trump’s offer to be the VP nominee. What we saw last night in Virginia was a redeeming performance that gives Pence the right to make his case in 2020. He will still have to explain why, after this abomination of a year, the GOP should not start with a clean slate. But he gets the right to make the case.

Mike Pence did well. He should give the establishment cause for comfort in 2020 and give conservatives cause for comfort as well. His defense of life was amazing and better than anything any Republican Presidential candidate has done since George W. Bush in 2000. His defense of small government and free enterprise was commendable.

After the Vice Presidential debate, the Secret Service will no doubt give Tim Kaine the codename “Vince Foster,” but the clock is now running on how long it takes Trump to subtly attack Pence for daring to be better.

The only major hangup for 2016 is that when the pollster calls tomorrow, he is not going to ask about Kaine and Pence. He is going to ask about Clinton and Trump and that is still a proposition Donald Trump cannot win.