BREAKING: Outdoorsman Ryan Zinke Selected Secretary of Interior

Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana is reportedly being tapped to lead the Department of Interior.

This is breaking news per POLITICO:

President-elect Donald Trump has offered the interior secretary position to Montana’s freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke, an ex-Navy Seal commander, according to two transition officials and someone familiar with the offer.

It was previously reported that Cathy McMorris Rodgers would serve in this role. Zinke, if confirmed, will succeed outgoing secretary and former REI CEO Sally Jewell.

Zinke has voted to preserve Montana’s public lands for fishing, hunting, and use by outdoor enthusiasts. He also sat on the House Committee for Natural Resources. Zinke is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment:


The Secretary of Interior is responsible for overseeing America’s natural resources–including oil and gas.

One thing is for sure, the new Department of Interior must allow for safe offshore drilling off of America’s coasts. This pick is not only a win for regular Americans, but for outdoorsmen and sportsmen too.


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