AntiFa Calls For Destruction of Christopher Columbus Statues on Monday

A faction of AntiFa (the Anti-Fascist) movement promoting itself as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (or RAM, for short) called for anarchists nationwide to deface statues honoring Christopher Columbus on Monday, October 9th — Columbus Day, of course.

In other words, these intolerant buffoons have given the police a wonderful opportunity to put a stop to their bully tactics by disrupting their announced plans to destroy public property. Police officers should be able to keep these monuments under surveillance and literally catch the vandals red-handed.

Political correctness has already inspired the city of Los Angeles to capitulate to pressure and renamed Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day”. Give these anarchists an inch, and they’ll take the proverbial mile.

The Media Research Council offered this take on the developing situation:

Sooner or later, police will realize that these punks and thugs won’t quit this sort of violent and destructive behavior until it has been forcibly put to a stop. These people have already escaped punishment for thousands of dollars worth of property destroyed in riots at Berkeley to prevent conservatives from speaking to an audience.

AntiFa people have violently assaulted people without provocation, while police watched and waited until the victim was lying on the ground to intervene. They’ve gotten away with just about everything short of murder. Enough is enough. If people in a group of protestors hide their faces behind masks, the cops need to be able to yank them from the crowd and arrest them. If it isn’t illegal, it needs to be — those are the cowards who must be stopped.

When AntiFa people defaced a statue of Columbus in New York’s Central Park, they left messages saying “Hate Will Not Be Tolerated” and #SomethingsComing. They have publicly announced both the target and when they plan to strike. This is a golden opportunity for law enforcement to proactively and forcefully respond to such brazen criminal behavior.

Please, if it isn’t too much to ask — let “something” referred to with that hashtag be the paddy wagon. Haul these AntiFa miscreants off to jail, where they belong.

Morning Joe Panel Denounces Antifa

The right has an obligation to denounce white nationalists because white nationalists are perceived as being on the right. Those of us of the right need to be loud and speak clearly that they are not welcome among us. But the left needs to do the same with Antifa, which is nothing more than a kissing cousin of the white nationalists. One carries the swastika. The other carries the hammer and sickle. Both have the same means, violence, to accomplish the same ends of silencing those they disagree with it.

Joe Scarborough led a Morning Joe panel discussing Antifa and points out that they are as fascist as the fascists Antifa claims to oppose.

Ted Cruz Weighs in on Texas A&M Saying No to the Alt-Right

In case you haven’t heard, Texas A&M put the brakes on a planned “White Lives Matter” rally organized by an A&M alum. The event had Richard Spencer on the schedule to speak, and of course, plenty of ridiculousness to follow. Can’t you picture the chaos when Antifa thugs show up to counter-protest the alt-right lunatics – think of Charlottesville 2.0.

Naturally Texas A&M was concerned about the threat to safety as well as the bad press, but they did have an easy out in that regulations prohibit events not sanctioned by an on-campus organization, which this one was not. Even if a campus group had sponsored the event, clearly the school doesn’t want racists fools messing with Texas.

As execrable as the beliefs of these racist losers is – and as horrific as the Antifa response would surely be – questions about free speech and censorship pop up in moments like this. Senator Ted Cruz weighed in, and naturally he laid out the tension between free speech and public safety like a boss:

When people do choose to use their free speech rights to advocate hatred and evil, the rest of us are obliged to counter it. Now I don’t think you counter it with censorship. I agree with John Stuart Mill, who talked about the marketplace of ideas, and the best cure for bad speech, for bad ideas, is more speech and better ideas. And so I think that’s the approach we want to have. I will say I’m glad that Spencer and the White Supremacists are not coming to A&M. … I think Texas doesn’t need to listen to their garbage.

Masterfully said. It’s easy to understand why Texas A&M wants to protect their student body, the campus, and College Station, but where do we draw the line between censorship and public safety? I’m not sure there are easy answers.

No matter how awful their ideas are, and no matter how badly we believe they don’t deserve to be heard, groups like these are protected under the First Amendment.

We need to be able to defeat terrible ideas like those of the alt-right – and Antifa, for that matter – with nonviolence. We need to be able to overcome lies like these in the arena of ideas. It’s the only real way to shut them up for good.

In the meantime, good for Texas A&M for protecting themselves and the surrounding area. But it looks like the debate over free speech will continue to rage on.

Are A Burglar and Killer the Same?

Yesterday, the President gave an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower to a group of eager journalists who have been manhandled all year by a turntable of press secretaries. They have been waiting to just get the straight story from the horse’s mouth. What they got was something figuratively similar, yet anatomically different, and anything but straight.

It was supposed to be a briefing on his infrastructure plan. Some journalists reported administration staff covering their faces, and refusing to look the press pool in the eye.

He ruined any attempt by our conservative movement to patch together the mess created this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, and move on. He doubled down on false equivalencies. He claimed (seven times) he wanted to “wait for the facts” before calling out the white nationalists, when he NEVER waits for the facts on anything else. He did it while lashing out as an angry man, not a respectable President.

Most Republican leaders stood strong, clear, and unequivocal against what happened. They named names, and left no doubt. They didn’t try to “balance” the message. Everyone from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio to Senators Cory Gardner and the always blunt Lindsey Graham even trump’s surrogates on cable news made it clear: there is no room for hatred or violence in the Republican Party.

But that wasn’t good enough for the president. He inexplicably felt it necessary to teach us all that all sides are good, and all sides are bad.

The worst dung pile was his claim that the alt-right protest was filled with “very fine” and “good people.” Rather than leave it to general implications, he specifically pointed out the several hundred marchers with tiki-torches and racist symbols from the night before, claiming they were “peaceful,” “quiet,” and saying they were just protesting the removal of a statue to a man who took up arms to defend slavery.

The president thinks both sides have “very fine” and “very bad people,” therefore, we should just drop it. He’s determined to just “say it” because no one else will. “There are two sides to every story.” Even if the story was begun by one side. Furthermore, he seems to think chants of “you [and jews] will not replace us,” “blood and soil,” and yelling epithets and profanities are “very fine.” Because they had a permit.

He was sure to point out several times that the counter-protesters “didn’t have a permit.” Wow. Call the National Guard.

Furthermore, some antifa protesters, as always, infiltrated the spontaneous counter-protests and began fighting, throwing things and getting into tussles with the white nationalists. Oh no. Lock em up for life.

Never mind that the alt-right violated their permit.

When will the equivalency stop? When will the rationalization stop? When will the spin stop? Yeah, it takes two to tango. And while a burglar and killer are both criminals, they are not the same. Rioters and murderers both deserve prison, but they are not the same evil. They both should be called out by name, rejected and treated judiciously, but they are not equal. Sadly, in an age where an admitted sexual predator who makes creepy comments about his “hot” daughter’s body can be considered president, it appears many want to assuage their guilt-by-association with false equivalencies. It makes us sound ridiculous.


When someone brings up the alt-right, don’t respond with “but ________.”

When the president speaks, then contradicts himself, don’t tell us what he meant.

You were mad that President Obama’s administration called Nidal Hassan’s Fort Hood shooting “workplace violence.” So was I. You were mad that Obama wouldn’t use “Islamic terrorist,” for political reasons. So was I. You were mad that he wouldn’t call out Black Lives Matter for instigating anger and riots. So was I.

I am more conservative than most people, but I am apparently one of the few willing to be intellectually honest.

I’m embarrassed. You should be too.

I’m ready for Pence, Speaker Ryan. Save 2018, 2020, and the next 20 years of our political lives.

But above all, save our collective conscience, our dignity, and our souls.



The Worst Twitter

I’ve seen a lot of outrageous things on Twitter.  It’s the mosh pit of social media, filled with odious personalities, vicious alter-egos, know-nothing opinions and so much plain nastiness that it’s impossible to jump in and come out the other side clean.  To me, though, the worst Twitter is probably stupid Twitter:  the tweet so ill-conceived that it’s hard to believe any rational person would even consider it.  Amazingly enough, a lot of those emanate from members of the national media–you know, those people who consider themselves part of the elite ruling class consider it their job to tell everyone what to think.

Even by that standard, however, this tweet by John Hendrickson from Esquire magazine is in a league of stupid all its own:

Yes, those are veterans of World War II gathered at the memorial to their comrades in Washington, DC.  And yes, Hendrickson just equated their heroics on the battlefield to the antics of masked Antifa hooligans who smash storefronts, torch cars and smack people upside the head with bike locks.

Dude–when you’re starting to make Sally Kohn look smart by comparison, it’s time to get off Twitter.

Since when has any Antifa tough guy ever put on a uniform, sworn allegiance to something greater than himself, and gone into battle knowing that he might not come back?  And since when has any Antifa poseur demonstrated that he would lay down his life for the man next to him, because the unspoken oath a combat veteran swears to his buddies is every bit as important as the oath he swore to his country?  And when the hell did any Antifa thug pick up a rifle and charge headlong against an armed enemy that exists only to kill him?  The men in that photograph understand these things because they were actual soldiers.  They were sailors and they were Marines.  They had honor–and they didn’t hide their faces from anyone.

If Hendrickson can’t understand that distinction, then he’s an even bigger nitwit than his tweet suggests.

The Worst Part of Trump’s Endless ‘Them’ Play

Let’s be real about one thing: The racism was there before Donald Trump. Those who slapped Trump stickers on their pickup truck rear windows already knew what they believed before the New York billionaire showed up to tell them. We mustn’t forget that Trump spent years cultivating his following.

Once the first shot is fired, who will be responsible for the massacre?

He was not playing to America, or to critically-thinking political followers in his Saturday press conference, or his Monday tweets, or his Tuesday presser. He was playing to those people in pickup trucks. That’s his audience, and it’s always been his audience.

How could Trump have called white supremacists who marched in torchlight shouting “Blood & Soil!”, “very fine people?”

Nobody at the Charlottesville protests, other than the police, who had to be there, and possibly members of the press, who were at least titularly neutral, earned the moniker “fine people.”

He said it to incite the left-leaning press to show their colors, which they did. The MSM believes that antifa and its fellow-travelers, anarchists and Che-worshippers, are protesting the “alt-right.” Trump’s audience knows differently. And his audience is not the tiny group that actually showed up in Charlottesville, it’s rather the millions who turned out to vote for him in the GOP primaries and the general election.

To Trump, it’s always about “them.”

In this way, Trump is a lot like former President Obama. After every egregious mass shooting, police assassination, or horrible crime perpetrated by leftist thugs like BLM, Obama would condemn the violence, and then offer a wink and a nod by calling for gun control, or blaming conservative narratives–often letting the press do that part for him.

Trump doesn’t have the press as his megaphone, but he plays them like a Stradivarius, and they play his tune. The press is “them.” The left is “them.” Anyone who supports Trump, whether they’re Hitler Youth or Jerry Falwell, Jr.1, gets a pass and a hug. Trump is incapable of rejecting anyone who supports him.

So some of the worst people in America get called “fine people” by the president, while Trump’s “them” one-act play remains intact.

The worst part of this is that the latent racism stirred up by the fringe lunatic left and the racist evil neo-Nazis will continue to fester and grow. Trump does not care what other politicians say. He does not care what businessmen say.

He does not care if he is refusing to lead America into healing, and instead is leading it into hate.

The next time (and there will be a next time unless something radically changes) the “alt-right” and the “alt-left” collide, the police may not be so restrained. The damage might not be limited to a single murder and two dead police officers. The racists may not confine themselves to tiki torches. And once the first shot is fired, who will be responsible for the massacre?

Trump will say “them.”

1I used Falwell as an example of an otherwise-Godly and clear-thinking fine person to demonstrate the dichotomy.

Anatomy Of Political Violence: Charlottesville Police Chief Cites ‘Mutually Engaged Combatants’

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas unpacked the events leading to violence and tragedy last weekend, providing a forensic anatomy of political violence. In his press statement, the words “mutually engaged combatants” seem to stand out.

It’s now obvious that both the “alt-right” and the counter-protesters (antifa and others) expected and welcomed violence. They did everything they could to subvert the careful plan police constructed to keep the groups apart and maintain the peace.

They didn’t want peace. They wanted headlines.

Let’s consider something for a moment here, that the leftist press would never, ever think or allow to be spoken or printed.

What if the ill-named “Unite the Right” (aka “J Crew Nazis,” “Tiki Cosplay Brigade,” “David Duke Dorks,” “Basement Brony Racists,” etc.) jackasses showed up, and nobody was there to counter-protest? What would have happened?

Would the Pepe-loving Trumpkins have suddenly gained national acceptance, added tens of thousands to their numbers, and consigned the works of William F. Buckley, Martin Luther King, Alexis de Tocqueville, Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and  John Stuart Mill to Fahrenheit 451, to be replaced with Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jared Taylor and Matthew Heibback? (Not to mention Ayn Rand and the Mother of All Struggles: Mein Kampf.)

Does anyone really think these misled sheep are anything but the fringiest of the conspiracy-loving fringe? Yet, like moths drawn to a flame, the far-left conspiracy-loving fringe showed up with violence in its heart.

The two groups probably have more in common than they care to admit if they sat down with a bottle of cheap bumwine long enough to discuss it. For example, they probably share a despicable belief that 9/11 was either a Bush-led or Israeli conspiracy. They probably agree with the blood libel that Jews and Zionists are a pox upon the earth. They likely agree that large corporations and banks are conspiring to keep the “little people” down and broke.

And they agree that violence is the path to a new order.

The groups needed each other to supply the “them” for violence–since killing little old ladies at Walmart doesn’t win sympathy from a sympathetic press or Steve Bannon. Just like ISIS needs to behead soldiers on the streets of London and Toronto and on factory floors in Oklahoma City, both the left and right fringe need to play to their deranged base.

The left fringe shows up to incite violence even at genuinely peaceful events like campus speeches by Ben Shapiro (who could not, ever, be called “alt-right”). When they show up at an event where “mutually engaged combatants” have arrived hell-bent-for-violence, violence will erupt.

Yet the press continues to call the left fringe’s incitement “protest,” and the right fringe’s incitement “hate.” They conveniently forget about James Hodgkinson, or the litany of violent incitements and attacks Ben Domenech compiled.

Both sides are guilty–on that one point, President Trump is right. However, Trump’s refusal to disavow the support of his right fringe worshippers, and his condemnation of the press as “bad people” has destroyed the credibility of his public statement. Every time Trump condemns the right fringe, he always follows with a wink and a nod on Twitter.


The man simply can’t condemn people who love him so much, even if they are truly bad people.

And we know that they are: Truly. Bad. People.

If the leftist press really wants to end the growth of the “alt-right” cancer, they must first tell their favorite pet left fringe to stop showing up. Occam’s Razor: Not having “mutually engaged combatants” on both sides does tend to decrease the chance of violence happening.

The Text of Trump’s Best Speech (If Only)

…If only they’d feed it into his TelePrompTer. Wouldn’t it be amazing?


“Good afternoon. I turned on the TV today to news of an America broken and hurting. So many are angry. And I understand why. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to hurt, and let people know. But it’s not ok to act it out. We raise our children to control it, to channel it, and to turn it into great things.

As your president, I condemn anyone who acts in violent ways to make their voices heard. Instead, we don’t hear your voices, or get your point, we only see drama and childish behavior.

The hatred and antagonism that we see right now from anti-fa and the alt-right needs to stop. Yes, I’m calling you out by name, but not so you can brag about it. You’re thugs. You’re racist. You’re not normal, or acceptable in society. I call you out by name, no matter what side you’re on, so everyone knows who you are when you act this way.

Many of you were upset when past leaders wouldn’t call groups out by name when you hate and burn things, and I won’t make the same mistake. If you want to hate, do it at home, and yell in the mirror. Because that’s who you’re really degrading.

Fellow Americans, stop hurting your neighbor. Please, stop hating your opponent. Stop making noise, and start listening. The far right and the far left are both wrong in their bigotry. They’re both on the wrong side of history. For 400 years America has been the destination of peoples from all backgrounds and beliefs because we let you be who you are, and be what you choose. But with that Liberty comes a need for respect. When we hate someone because they’re different or disagree with us, we become the same people that drove our ancestors to emigrate here long ago.

Lets go forward, not back to the dungeons of history where men, women, black, white, or even Muslim, Christian, Jew, gay, straight or any other man-made label needs to fight for their right to live in the peace and prosperity America provides. Our suffering is because we are human. Sin and pain is a natural thing, not a race thing, or an ideology. So, let’s place the blame where it belongs.

Oh, and… *pause* I apologize if anything I’ve said – or not said – has given you comfort to act out your anger in such deplorable ways. It’s not right. It’s primitive. It’s not American.

Let’s heal. May God bless America, and may He forgive me too, for failing you at times. I’ll work hard to make you proud and lead us all by example. That’s the honor and calling that comes with this office of President, and I intend on making it something worthy of the men and women who made this beautiful land possible.”

-President Donald Trump, in an alternate reality


See? It’s not that hard, Mr president. Try it.

I guarantee your poll numbers will skyrocket. Even the PPP and ABC polls! And even I will applaud a man I wouldn’t vote for last November. Be that man. Because America needs it, and you just might fall in love with him too. In fact, I’m certain you would.