Actual Scientists School Bill Nye on Hurricanes

Bill Nye is a science guy. But, as the trope went for an old commercial, he isn’t a scientist, he just plays one on T.V. From time to time, Nye’s limited understanding of science can get him into trouble. One of those times was last week Nye talked about how global warming affected hurricanes.

On Radio Andy, a Sirius XM show, Nye told Dan Rather, “It’s the strength [of hurricanes] that is almost certainly associated with global warming.”

“Global warming and climate change are the same thing,” Nye said. “As the world gets warmer and there is more heat energy in the atmosphere, you expect storms to get stronger. You also expect ocean currents to not flow the way they always have and that will make some places cooler and some places warmer.”

“The more heat energy in the atmosphere strengthens the storms, Dan, that’s what you’d expect,” the science guy concluded.

Ryan Maue, a meteorologist whose Twitter bio also identifies him as a “think tanker” for the Cato Institute, took to Twitter to point out what should be obvious to a climate scientist, the fact that hurricanes draw their strength from the ocean not the atmosphere. “Bill Nye confuses the oceans with the atmosphere,” Maue tweeted, adding the hashtag, “#FakeScience.”

As most weather-watchers know, the ocean feeds hurricanes. They draw strength from warm tropical ocean water and grow while at sea. Once a hurricane makes landfall, the storm begins to weaken and dissipate, no matter how warm the atmosphere is.

That begs the question of whether global warming caused warmer ocean waters to feed the current crop of killer storms. Cliff Mass, a climate scientist at the University of Washington, says “no” on his blog.

“Hurricane Harvey developed in an environment in which temperatures were near normal in the atmosphere and slightly above normal in the Gulf,” Mass wrote. “The clear implication: global warming could not have contributed very much to the storm.”

“OK, let me go out on a limb,” Mass continues. “Let us assume that all of the .5 C warming of the Gulf was due to human-caused global warming.  That NONE of it was natural.  And that the air was warmed by the same amount. Using the scaling described above implies an increase of 3.5% in the extreme precipitation of this storm.  So, for places that received 30 inches, perhaps 1 inch resulted from global warming. Not much.  Immaterial regarding impacts or anything else.”

“The bottom line in this analysis is that both observations of the past decades and models looking forward to the future do not suggest that one can explain the heavy rains of Harvey by global warming, and folks that are suggesting it are poorly informing the public and decision makers,” Mass concludes.

NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory agrees in a statement on its website. “It is premature to conclude that human activities–and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming–have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity,” the agency points out.

NOAA’s statement does include a qualifier that climate change may cause worse storms in the future.  “Anthropogenic warming by the end of the 21st century will likely cause tropical cyclones globally to be more intense on average (by 2 to 11% according to model projections for an IPCC A1B scenario),” the statement notes. “This change would imply an even larger percentage increase in the destructive potential per storm, assuming no reduction in storm size.”

Nye did make a second point that was more valid. “The problem in the Southeast United States and Mexico is that these hurricanes are very powerful,” the science guy said, “and, as I say all the time, they are very expensive. We are all going to pay for Harvey. We are all going to pay for Irma one way or the other.”

Mass agrees here, saying, “What the media SHOULD be discussing is the lack of resilience of our infrastructure to CURRENT extreme weather.   Houston has had multiple floods the past few years and poor planning is a major issue.  When you put massive amounts of concrete and buildings over an historical swamp, water problems will occur if drainage and water storage is not engineered from the start.”

Hurricane Harvey, a category three storm, was not the strongest hurricane on record. The biggest problem was the that storm stalled over Houston rather than moving through quickly. This caused Houston’s Depression-era drainage system to overload. The area’s rapid growth and lack of planning have contributed to the problem.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were very damaging, but there is no evidence that they were the result of climate change. In fact, the storms were weaker and less damaging that the category four hurricane that killed 12,000 people in Galveston, Texas. If you don’t remember that one, it is because it happened in 1900, long before the advent of global warming.

Is Bill Nye Really a Science Guy?

Bill Nye first became famous on his children’s television show called Bill Nye the Science Guy. He has looked straight into the television camera with a completely serious expression on his face and claimed that he is a “scientist or a scientific investigator — a science educator.”

Should we really believe that Bill Nye is a scientist or a scientific investigator? More importantly, should we allow him to education our children? No! Not just no, but hell no!

Over time Nye’s aspirations have grown considerably, to the point he’s become a megalomaniac, with a new show titled Bill Nye Saves the World. From what does Nye propose to save the world, exactly? The most sensible answer to that question seems to be logic, reason, and common sense. Consider the following as evidence:

This illustrates how Nye has “evolved” from an education-focused entertainer into a shill evangelizing for pseudo-science steeped in nihilistic atheism.

The writers for Bill Nye’s educational children’s show way back in 1996 apparently took their jobs seriously, and the quality of the information provided was actually quite excellent. It contained real, science-based information. Unfortunately, that particular video also highlights precisely what was edited out of the version of the program currently available on Netflix — the actual, legitimate science, which was apparently deleted because it is no longer considered politically correct.

For some strange reason, the people at Big Think believed that Bill Nye knew enough about “The Evolutionary Benefits of Sex” to discuss them. Despite their misplaced confidence, Nye’s rambling explanation of how sex “evolved” so organisms could better exchange genes as protection against viruses and parasites was very confusing, and virtually impossible to follow.

Even that short video offering information of debatable value pales in comparison to what Bill Nye is “teaching” these days. Let’s compare that questionable but possibly educational video to what Bill Nye thinks is very important information that must be shared today — the infamous “sex-junk” video. He said it was “special.” Indeed, it is.

As a writer who takes pride in his work, I’m mildly ashamed to admit that I found myself struggling for words that convey my thoughts, opinions, and disgust, so I’m going to quote a few lines from the lyrics that might best illustrate my problems with the message. I humbly beg for your forgiveness, in advance:

Because my sex junk is so oh-oh-oh
More than either or-or-or
Power bottom, or a top off
Versatile love may have some butt stuff
It’s evolution ain’t nothing new
There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew

Now if you chose not to watch the video provided with of the “sex-junk” description, I can’t say that I blame you. The title was quite apropos — it is complete junk and nonsense about sex, totally divorced from science. While I’m tempted to ask if anyone knows what a “power bottom or top off” might mean in contemporary American slang, I’m also fairly sure I don’t really want to know. It really doesn’t matter.

Sadly, the song didn’t stop there…the lyrics got much, much worse. The horrific “rap” continued, accompanying a dance routine that one might normally expect to see in a strip club. About the only things missing from the performance were bouncers and a pole:

Oh, you think you’re so smart
Did you learn gay in college?
Chill with all of that while I drop some knowledge —
Sexuality’s a spectrum
Everyone is on it
Even you might like it
If you sit upon it
Drag queen, drag king
Just do what feels right
You’re a tall, pansexual flirty wood sprite?

Bill Nye actually claimed that he thought the song delivered an important message. What was that message, do you think? At the very core of evolutionary theory, if we assume it is true, is the physical act of procreation. I hate to break the bad news to Ms. Bloom, but “versatile butt stuff” doesn’t have any business being associated with Darwin’s theory of evolution. No legitimate biologist in his or her right mind would ever suggest that anal sex could lead to or cause to the origin of new species. Or pansexual flirty wood sprites, whatever they may be.

It’s biologically impossible for anal sex to result in birth. So learning about sex from Bill Nye may cause brain damage, too.

If you feel brave enough, here is the “sex junk” video below. Warning: it’s 2 minutes and 46 seconds you will never be able to get back.

Bill Nye Writer Wants “Old A** Conservative White Men” Like Scalise to Die

I guess you could call it the wonder of science, but even when it’s inconvenient, the internet is forever.

That means even when you want to delete really crass statements that you’ve tweeted that may reflect poorly on your boss, you just can’t catch a break.

That seems to be the case for alleged comedian Marcella Arguello, one of the entertainers hired by the anti-science, anti-Christian radical Bill Nye to help write for his Netflix program “Bill Nye Saves the World.” No word yet on whether she was responsible for the bizarre gyrations of Rachel Bloom whose notorious performance of “My Sex Junk” will live in the infamous realm of television’s worst moments.

But there is no question that Arguello has a penchant for assassinations of political opponents after she tweeted this appalling take on the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise:

“if a few old a** conservative white men have to die in order to get the gun control issue discussed then I’m willing to take that risk.”

I’m sure the Congressman’s family and friends are impressed and touched by her empathy and kindness, particularly given that she sent that tweet the day Scalise was shot and we now know was hospitalized in a fight for his life.

Of course hers was not the only harsh tweet directed at Scalise or Republicans after the shooting. Here’s a grotesque look at others.

Arguello’s offensive tweet takes center stage now just days after secretly recorded audio revealed a Democrat Party official in Nebraska screaming that he was “glad” Scalise had been shot, regretting only that he wasn’t “f****** dead” as a result of the attack.

To their credit, the Democrats in Nebraska removed Phil Montag from his position of leadership within their party. Now attention turns to whether Bill Nye will exhibit the same kind of integrity as, at last notice, he’s been silent on the conduct of his hire. Arguello has not been silent, however, following up her offensive assassination death wish with a tweet featuring a woman flying by the use of her female parts, with a message that screams, “BYE HATERS.”

Committed Darwinist Bill Nye certainly went to the intellectual and moral apex of evolution when hiring his writers, didn’t he?

Shame On Netflix, Enemy of Truth

Netflix edited an episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” from 1996 to remove a segment in which real science is used.

In the original episode, titled “Probability,” a young woman told viewers, “I’m a girl. Could have just as easily been a boy, though, because the probability of becoming a girl is always 1 in 2.”

“See, inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl, ” the young woman continued. “See, there are only two possibilities: XX, a girl, or XY, a boy.”


This entire segment is now gone, consigned to the memory hole of political correctness and scientific garbage. It’s one thing to edit a show for graphic content, language, or technical requirements. It’s quite another to succumb to the Zeitgeist and simply alter the truth to fit the liberal narrative.

Nye’s new Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” which has been widely panned and mocked by conservatives and liberals alike (because it genuinely sucks), directly contradicts scientific fact, and Bill Bye in 1996.

Shame on Netflix for this obvious and thumbless pandering to the anti-science left. If you don’t want people to know how much of a hypocrite and self-promoting huckster of useless non-facts and Godless heathenism Bill Nye has become, then don’t stream his old show at all.

I like Netflix; I am a subscriber. But the company has exposed itself as an enemy of truth here. Here’s their chance to correct the error. I hope they take it.

Watch the original episode segment above or by clicking here.

DR Radio

DR Radio: Saving the World and #ESPNLayoffs

Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio on Video! In this episode we look at Bill Nye and his attempt to “save the world,” the massive layoffs at ESPN, and the elections in France and Indonesia.

You can read the full show notes here.

Bill Nye vs. Bill Nye: Did the ‘Science Guy’ Once Preach That Human Life Begins at Conception?

Bill Nye has undergone quite the ideological evolution since his”Science Guy” days. Once a quirky, lighthearted kids show host, Nye is more known today for his liberal politics and for his controversial new Netflix show that includes adult language and themes.

In light of this late career change, critics have begun addressing some key issues on which they believe Nye has seemingly backtracked or changed his rhetoric. Among the purported flip-flops? The origins of human life.

“If you’re going to say when an egg is fertilized it … has the same rights as an individual, then whom are you going to sue, whom are you going to imprison?” Nye asked in a 2015 Big Think video about abortion. “Every woman whose had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy whose sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human? Have all these people failed you?”

Nye went on to say that some critics’ push-back on the life issue is “just a reflection of a deep scientific lack of understanding.” Watch his remarks below:

Read the full story at

Finally: Bill Nye Shoves His Credibility Through a Wood Chipper

Despite the predictable perversion, despite the embarrassing attempts to gain street cred amongst the millennials he used to dazzle with science experiments, despite his dangerous misinformation about gender and sexuality that is exploiting confused and sick people for political gain, despite the inexplicable conundrum of how people like this get TV shows when there are so many other more talented and deserving folks in the world, count me as one person thrilled that Bill Nye Saves the World is now airing on Netflix.

No, I couldn’t watch more than just a few short clips of the panel discussion where his experts pontificated about punishing Americans for child-bearing. And yes, Bill’s ham-handed attempt to inspire and entertain made for such a spectacle of buffoonery that it no doubt made even Nye’s most adoring fans uncomfortable. And obviously, the disgusting and awkward gyrations of some woman named Rachel Bloom singing about her “sex junk” while a DJ dressed up like a seahorse (seriously) bounced around the side of the stage was equal parts bizarre and gross.

But I am sincerely ecstatic that all this is airing for people to see and mock. Because maybe, just maybe, Bill Nye will finally lose the intellectual credibility that he has always received but never deserved.

A year ago, Weather Channel founder John Coleman fumed to the weather site Climate Depot:

“I have always been amazed that anyone would pay attention to Bill Nye, a pretend scientist in a bow tie.”

On the surface that could come off as sour grapes or petty jealousy. Calling a colleague a “pretend scientist in a bow tie” could be regarded as professionally tacky, until you realize that Bill Nye is not Coleman’s colleague. He actually is a pretend scientist who wears a bow tie.

Yes, Nye earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Yes, he worked for Boeing for a short period of time. But after that, Nye won a contest impersonating comedian Steve Martin and used that as a springboard to launch a career in comedy. Following a lackluster few years in the business, Nye landed his renowned gig as a knock-off Mr. Wizard on the PBS Kids program, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

In other words, Bill Nye was and is a performer. He’s built a nice career as a performer, and while no one should deny him that success, neither should they confuse what he does with science. And that was Coleman’s point:

“As a man who has studied the science of meteorology for over 60 years and received the AMS (American Meteorological Society’s) ‘Meteorologist of the Year’ award, I am totally offended that Nye gets the press and media attention he does.”

You can understand his frustration. Nye consistently gets “science” wrong.

  • He says that tornadoes are an indication of more severe weather coming because of the very real problem of climate change. Science proves that the frequency of violent tornadoes has decreased.
  • He seemingly coined the bizarre term “Sou’wester” for West Coast weather patterns, equating it with the East Coast’s “Nor’easters.” Science rejects any notion of there being anything like a “Sou’wester.”
  • He actively promotes the silencing and imprisonment of those scientists who would disagree with his position on climate. Science demands open-mindedness and a humility towards ideas, theories, and beliefs.

Nye is a cartoonish performer with dangerous tendencies towards political authoritarianism. Confusing that with being a scientist is a mistake that sane people will no longer tolerate.

Your Genitals Are Not ‘Junk’ And Neither Are You

By now most of you have seen the now infamous video of Rachel Bloom singing at an event for Bill Nye’s new Netflix series, hilariously/narcissistically titled ‘Bill Nye Saves the World ‘. Leaving aside the fact that Bill Nye is just another sad example of how actors and entertainers think they are the most important people in and to the world, the whole kerfuffle is just another example of how the left sends conflicting messages and expects us to ignore the contradictions.

In the unsurprisingly unfunny “Sex Junk” musical number, Emmy-winner and star of ‘My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Rachel Bloom dances and comically gyrates while singing about the interchangeable nature of sex organs and how it’s just our ‘sex junk’ and nothing to be making a fuss over.  “It’s just evolution, it’s nothing new!”, Bloom sings in an ill-fitting bodysuit backed up by awkward dancers.

While many have been complaining on the basis of vulgarity, it is not vulgarity that is the real issue here. If you’ve watched the brilliant first season of Bloom’s musical comedy on the CW (the second season is tragically forced and awful) you know that raunch and vulgarity are the name of her game (check out the hilariously relatable “Heavy Boobs” number from Season 1 for more on that). That isn’t a surprise to any of her fans and observers, nor should it be. Nye’s people chose Bloom for that very reason.

Isn’t it ironic that in the name of normalizing something most people find vulgar they brought in the most vulgar performer they could find to tell people they shouldn’t find this vulgar?

However, the real shame of this whole thing is the increasingly popular idea that our organs are just “junk”. We can’t blame Bloom and Nye for this labeling. “Junk” has been a popular term for genital organs in recent years. While it is usually meant in the spirit of silliness, the fact that we’ve devolved into referring to our sex organs as trash is sadly indicative of our modern attitudes towards sex and love.

The left wants us to believe two competing ideas at the same time in the name of Tolerance (I capitalize that because at this point Tolerance is a god/idol that requires regular human sacrifices to appease it).

Idea #1: Your genitals are junk. Junk is worthless. So your genitals are meaningless and worthless throw-away parts. Think about this for just a second – your genitalia is (are?) one of the most sensitive parts of your body. They contain nerves and blood vessels and responses that are directly connected to your pleasure centers. Even if all you believe in is the ideology of evolution it is safe to say that pleasure being directly connected to your sex organs is a vital part of the biological imperative to procreate.

Procreation quite literally means the act of creating something, creating life. The “your genitals are junk” crowd seeks to remove that very basic, primitive connection between pleasure and creation which directly undermines the concept of creation. It basically posits that creation is meaningless along with your tiddly-bits. Every single human being on earth who has ever lived is the result of procreation. If the procreation functions are considered nothing but “junk” what does that say about the people who are the product of procreation?

This is a movement that looks at people as worthless garbage. No wonder so many people who live the most comfortable, affluent lifestyle in the world are so woefully unhappy and hopeless these days. People like Bill Nye and Rachel Bloom go to great lengths make people believe that the most miraculous part of humanity – the ability to create and bear life – is nothing more than an accident that happens when your “junk” gets dumped on top of someone else’s “junk” momentarily. The current trend of bitter millennials and the angry protest class is the result of too many people living as though they were mere accidents of physics.

All of this drastically conflict with…

Idea #2: Your genitals define who you are, your value and your thought process. We just endured two years of nonstop admonishments to vote for the first female president precisely because she was a woman. Incessant talk about glass ceilings and history and women’s rights served to shame anyone who dared even give casting a vote for anyone else a second thought. Since Clinton lost in an epic trouncing last November there has been a constant drumbeat in the media about how sexism and misogyny is responsible for her downfall. Activists tell us Planned Parenthood is sacred cow of women’s health. Abortion rights are so coveted grown women dress like giant vaginas and march to protest the idea of men telling women what to do with their bodies. “Stay out of my vagina!” is a constant refrain.

Our genitals are supposed to be the one and only thing we are concerned about and they are what we are apparently required to base our votes, loyalties and sensibilities on.

So which is it? Are our sex organs garbage or gold? Are they vital or worthless? Are we accidents or creations?

Nye and Bloom shouldn’t be dragged for doing what they’ve been doing their entire careers – appealing to the lowest common denominator for the maximum amount of exposure as entertainers.

No, the real issue here…the saddest issue is how the mechanisms of intimacy and relationship have been twisted and devalued into just a form of entertainment. The still-evolving result is to create an entire culture that looks at the very miracle of life as trash.

It is not hard to discern the ripple effects of such a devastating ideology in modern America.