A Glimmer of Hope for the Future

Keeping informed about current events can be a depressing business.

Over the past few months, dozens of Americans were gunned down at a country music concert in Las Vegas. Mass murders have occurred during worship services at churches in Texas and Tennessee, and yet more people seem worried about fictitious or grossly exaggerated problems such as police nationwide wantonly murdering unarmed black teenagers. Liberal activists appear to be more concerned about preserving a woman’s right to abort an unborn child, or climate change, than they care about real, very dangerous problems that aren’t being taken seriously enough.

Over time, that can get depressing, and even demoralizing. The dark mood may become exacerbated by watching a seemingly endless stream of liberal anarchists express anti-American sentiments on national television, only to find out that some of these buffoons actually earn income as college professors, which apparently gives them ample free time to post inane,  insensitive, and idiotic comments on social media about having the privilege of teaching “future dead cops” or “all I want for Christmas is white genocide.

Tucker Carlson appears to have a gift for finding these people. These liberal activists have not only infected the academic ranks at colleges and universities across America, they are even teaching at the middle school and high school level.

And don’t forget that Yvette Felarca of BAMN gets paid to be a social studies teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District, although she appears to spend more time protesting at the University of California-Berkeley or (as both plaintiff and defendant) in court than she spends teaching in the classroom.

However, the title of this article is not intended to be deceptive click-bait. There really is hope for the future. He calls himself “Kid Gadsden.” Just watch the video below.

The teacher’s claims in this “debate” are based purely on emotion, not evidence or facts.

Conversely, Kid Gadsden uses valid and accurate information from reputable sources to thoroughly decimate her argument. The comedy begins early, when the teacher accuses this young man of skewing the information he has offered to refute her arguments.

When Kid Gadsden replies that “his” statistics originally came from the FBI, the teacher abruptly changed course and blurted: “The FBI? Do you know how many coverups happen in the FBI?  All you’re doing is perpetuating your own thought process, so you’ll always get your information from establishments that are ceded (SIC? She also said grounded — I believe she meant “founded”) in white supremacy.” That particular moment in their exchange reminded me of something that dear old Dad used to say: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.”

Really — what the heck was that response about the FBI supposed to mean?

It’s equally difficult to comprehend exactly what the teacher was trying to say around 3:37 in the video, as she was trying to talk over the student while he was still speaking.

It sure sounded like she said this:

Cops are devils. White cops are…you can’t tell me any different.

If that is indeed an accurate representation of what she said, Kid Gadsden’s response was perfect: “Wow!” Nothing more needed to be said.

Does America need teachers to fill the heads of our children with this hateful, racist, divisive, and untrue nonsense? Should this woman be in a classroom?

Before you answer, wait until you finish watching the video. It gets even better. In fact, the entertainment is just getting started. At around the 6:00 minute mark, the teacher proclaims to her class that she’s smarter than the dictionary. It has never occurred to me personally that I should brag about being smarter than an inanimate object.

Nor do I have the hubris to claim that my brain contains more knowledge than a dictionary, because I know it doesn’t. By the same token, I’d be comfortable comparing the knowledge contained in my brain to hers. Clearly, she isn’t even as smart as this kid.

The climatic moment of the teacher’s total nuclear meltdown occurs about three minutes later, when she says:

If you’re gonna actually say that black and brown people are not killed with impunity (by white cops) in this country, then you are misguided. You are perpetuating white supremacy.

Irony alert: “Kid Gadsden” is Latino.

This teacher has officially gone way beyond the pale by this point. She just (falsely) accused her student of being a white supremacist, simply because he challenged her argument with evidence. She should be fired, immediately, for giving all the good teachers across America (and there are many) a bad name.

She is an embarrassment to the entire teaching profession.

Especially for a high school student, Kid Gadsden appeared to be extremely well informed about current events. It sounded as if he might have watched the same Larry Elder interview (below) that I saw on the Rubin Report prior to the impromptu debate with his teacher.

In order to win any debate, a participant must apply logic and reason to evidence that supports their points, assuming the goal is convincing their opponent their argument is superior. Arguments made from authority are inherently fallacious, and ad-hominem personal insults (like calling the other person a racist, or white supremacist) are tantamount to a concession of defeat.

Even so, the exchange between the student and teacher was not a completely wasted opportunity. It became a teachable moment for the entire class. Kid Gadsden brilliantly demonstrated to his classmates the best way (and the only successful way) to decisively triumph in an intellectual debate against an esteemed opponent.

By having the better argument.

Russia Purchased Black Lives Matter Facebook Ad

Evidence is mounting of Russian involvement in the 2016 election, but the evidence does not always fit the preconceived notion that Putin’s government acted to help Donald Trump’s campaign defeat Hillary Clinton. A new revelation that a Facebook ad purchased by the Russians promoted Black Lives Matter casts doubt on the usual narrative.

CNN reports the Russians bought “at least one” Facebook ad that promoted the Black Lives Matter movement. The ad appeared in late 2015 or early 2016 to audiences in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. Ferguson and Baltimore were the subject of race riots in August 2014 and April 2015 respectively.

The ad was purchased by what CNN refers to as “accounts linked to the Russian government-affiliated troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency.” US military intelligence has described the group as “a state-funded organization that blogs and tweets on behalf of the Kremlin.”

Facebook previously revealed that about 25 percent of the 3,000 ads traced back to the Internet Research Agency were geographically targeted. The Black Lives Matter ad targeted to Ferguson and Baltimore Facebook users is the first specific example of such targeting. CNN’s sources said the wording of the ad was such that it could be interpreted as both supporting and warning against the Black Lives Matter movement. The ad itself has not been released by Facebook.

Information on the Facebook ads purchased by the Russians seems to indicate that, at least early in the election cycle, the focus was on promoting division and anger rather than promoting a specific candidate. The Russians also bought ads with topics such as gun rights, immigration and the validity of western democracy.

“This is consistent with the overall goal of creating discord inside the body politic here in the United States, and really across the West,” Steve Hall, a former CIA officer and current CNN National Security Analyst, said. “It shows they the level of sophistication of their targeting. They are able to sow discord in a very granular nature, target certain communities and link them up with certain issues.”

Last December, the FBI and the CIA publicly agreed that intelligence showed that Russian cyber operations during the election were aimed at supporting the Trump campaign. In July 2017, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told NBC News that there was no disagreement among US intelligence agencies that the Russians “are trying to undermine Western democracy,” but stopped short of stating that the interference was targeted to benefit Trump.

In the months since the election, many on the right have pooh-poohed the idea that Russia interfered in the election at all, attributing the claim of interference to sour grapes by Clinton campaign. That may change as more information about Russian interference comes out, such as the recent revelation by Homeland Security that 21 state election agencies were targeted by Russian hackers and that the Russian goal was to stir the pot by promoting hostility on both sides of the political spectrum.

The biggest question about Russian meddling is what to do about it. As CIA Director Mike Pompeo told NBC News, “This threat is real. The U.S. government, including the Central Intelligence Agency, has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it. And we’re intent upon doing that.”

Mixing Race and Politics in Professional Sports

Adults gifted with special physical talents are often handsomely rewarded for their skills playing games that most of us stopped playing after high school.

Even athletes considered to have mediocre talent when compared to their professional competition are paid significantly more than the average American family — the median household income in 2016 for an American family was a little more than $59, 000. Yet for some bizarre reason, a baseball player earning a half million dollars a year felt the need to kneel during our national anthem, because of what he described as racial inequality, in a country where the president for the last eight years was a black man.

Apparently few people understand that the origins and true purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement was to promote the agenda of a group of radical feminist lesbians by capitalizing on tragedies and calling them crimes. According to “Herstory” at the official BLM website, the perceived current leaders of BLM (Shaun King, for example) are actually pretenders:

When you design an event / campaign / et cetera based on the work of queer Black women, don’t invite them to participate in shaping it, but ask them to provide materials and ideas for next steps for said event, that is racism in practice.  It’s also hetero-patriarchal. Straight men, unintentionally or intentionally, have taken the work of queer Black women and erased our contributions.  Perhaps if we were the charismatic Black men many are rallying around these days, it would have been a different story, but being Black queer women in this society (and apparently within these movements) tends to equal invisibility and non-relevancy.

In essence, the Black Lives Matter movement has been based on lies and false impressions, perpetuating the myth that young black males are in constant danger of being murdered by the police. Trayvon Martin was not murdered. According to Florida law, he was legally killed in self defense by a Hispanic man that the media claimed was a “white” Hispanic. Likewise, Michael Brown was not murdered by Officer Darren Wilson; he was shot in self defense. Yet these are the lies on which the Black Lives Matter movement was founded. Had there been the slightest impropriety in either legal case, the Obama Justice Department led by Eric Holder would have crucified the accused.

The purpose of this “movement” is clearly to foment racial tensions and to undermine the police, making them hesitate when a split-second decision might cost a law enforcement officer their own life. Most disturbingly, criminals are being treated as martyrs.

Yes, there have been a few examples of police brutality caught on film — Rodney King comes to mind. There are even a few incidents where the police arguably murdered an innocent civilian, or at least shot a civilian by accident, mistaking them for a criminal. However, every law enforcement officer in uniform also has the right to make it safely home to his or her family at the end of the workday.

As Chris Rock suggested years ago in this humorous “educational” video, if you haven’t done anything wrong, the wisest course of action is to cooperate fully with the police.


Alleged BLM leader Shaun King recently called for a boycott of the NFL during a season in which games have already been played to half-empty stadiums. More fans attended the college football game between the USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns than went to the games of two NFL teams combined. In a way, I feel some measure of sympathy for professional ballplayers like former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and rookie baseball player Bruce Maxwell. They have been manipulated into believing lies that will ultimately cause great economic harm to the very businesses that can afford to pay their exorbitant salaries. These people are killing their own careers.

In this brilliant interview with Dave Rubin, Larry Elder used statistics to expose the lies on which the Black Lives Matter movement was founded.

Elder: “Give me the most blatant racist example you can come up with, right now.”

Rubin: “Um, I think you could probably find evidence that in general, cops are more willing to shoot if the perpetrator is black than white.”

Elder: “What’s your data? What’s your basis for saying that? Last year…”

Rubin: “Well look, I know a lot of people who would say, look at what’s going on in Chicago…”

Elder: “I know what they would say, but I’m talking about what the facts are — 965 people were shot by cops last year and killed. Four percent of them were white cops shooting unarmed blacks. In Chicago, in 2011, twenty-one people were shot and killed by cops. In 2015, there were seven. In Chicago, which is one third black, one third white, and one third Hispanic, seventy percent of the homicides are black on black. About forty per month, almost five hundred per year in Chicago, and seventy-five percent of them are unsolved. Where is the Black Lives Matter on that? The idea that a racist white cop is shooting unarmed black people is a peril to black people, is B.S.”

Professional athletes have the same right to protest as every other American citizen. However, they should keep in mind that their fans are more likely to be proud American citizens as not, and their actions will inevitably have consequences. A lot of their fans earn a lower income per family than some of these players make for playing (or even riding the bench) in one game. It’s noble to risk one’s livelihood in support a worthy cause, but to perpetuate a lie is neither noble or intelligent. Statistics don’t lie. Only four percent of the homicides by cops were committed by white officers shooting unarmed black civilians, while seventy percent of murdered blacks were killed by other blacks.

That’s not what the people involved with Black Lives Matter want you to believe, though. And as long as they can prey on public figures who are easy to manipulate, they will continue to have success inspiring racial hatred and irrational fears.

Black lives do matter. Of course, white lives matter just as much — no more, and no less. In fact, all lives matter — and that obviously includes the lives of police as well.

NFL Star Michael Bennett Accuses Police of Excessive Force and Racial Profiling

Defensive end Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks was in Las Vegas after the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor when shots reportedly were fired near Drai’s nightclub at the Cromwell casino. Las Vegas police quickly responded at the scene.

Mr. Bennett claims that officers used excessive force when the police briefly detained and handcuffed him, allegedly at gunpoint. He is currently considering whether or not he should file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Las Vegas Police Department. According to Bennett, police singled him out and took aim with their weapons for “nothing more than being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas police had a different take on the incident.

However, before we jump to any conclusions in this matter, we should know a bit more about the parties involved. Michael Bennett is a political activist who plays professional football, not just some innocent bystander caught in the crossfire between the police and armed criminals. Bennett supports the Black Lives Matter movement, even after five police officers in Dallas were assassinated during a “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protest.

He’s another NFL player who sits in protest to the National Anthem.

In the interview above, Bennett implies that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were innocent victims gunned down because black lives don’t matter — one of many myths promoted by advocates of black racism.

Mr. Bennett also said in that interview,

We were slaves for 400 years.

…which is interesting mathematics, because the Jamestown colony was founded in 1607 and the Civil War ended in 1865, and the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery was ratified in December of that same year. Now if Mr. Bennett is talking about slavery worldwide, I hate to break the news to him, but slavery has been going on for a lot longer than 400 years — it’s been going on for millennia.

Innocent people of every age, race, creed, and color have been victimized, not just blacks originally from Africa. For that matter, slavery still exists today. If Mr. Bennett vehemently opposes the idea of slavery as much as he implies in interviews, then he should join the voices of opposition to the disgusting business known as domestic minor sex trafficking.

As a brief aside, it is quite interesting to note that Mr. Bennett is rewarded handsomely by his employers. He’s paid more than $3o million dollars for three years, for playing a violent game at great risk to his personal health.

By comparison, the median salary for a Las Vegas police officer is approximately $55,000 per year.

I’m pretty sure that’s less money than Mr. Bennett earns for one play.

If I could find the statistics for how many plays Bennett participated in last year, I’d do the math and we would know for sure.

At any rate, Mr. Bennett and the police agree that people heard what sounded like shots being fired and that started a general panic. However, their respective accounts of what happened in the aftermath begin to differ almost immediately. According to Mr. Bennett, he was singled out from the crowd because he is a very large black man, and the police profiled and harassed him because of his race.

It is also interesting to note that he claims that he was running from the sound of the shots when the police apprehended him. Conversely, the police were running toward the sound of the gunfire. They were willing to place their own lives in jeopardy to protect or save innocent victims from a potential lunatic with a gun.

Naturally, the account provided to reporters by police differs quite a bit from Mr. Bennett’s. The officers on the scene (who were Hispanic, not Caucasian) first noticed Mr. Bennett “crouching down behind a gaming machine” as the they approached. They claimed that Bennett didn’t attempt to flee the scene until after uniformed police had arrived. His behavior was deemed suspicious, so he was briefly detained until the police could properly identify him and determine he was an innocent bystander. But the officers at the scene would have to have been pretty stupid to approach an alleged active-shooter situation without their weapons drawn.

Although Mr. Bennett had every right to have been frightened if a gun was pointed at him, he apparently doesn’t have any sort of legitimate civil rights complaint.

Eight officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have been shot and killed in the line of duty since 1978. Those men and women killed during the performance of their job had every right to go safely home to their families, just like Mr. Bennett. But because Mr. Bennett’s life does matter, brave police officers were willing to put their own lives at risk.

Now there’s some gratitude for you.


A Woman Won a Democratic Primary and the Patriarchy is to Blame

St. Louis, MO is a majority black city in the shadow of Ferguson. It had its Democratic Party primary for mayor and Lyda Krewson, a female member of the city council, won by 888 votes, beating the city’s treasurer, Tishuara Jones. Who is to blame? Black men. That’s right. The patriarchy elected a white woman over a black woman who has been a Black Lives Matter activist.

There were three other black candidates. All of them were male and on the city council. The second place finisher, Jones, is upset, saying, “I’m really disappointed that the ego, patriarchy and sexism won the day yesterday.” If only those men had gotten out of the way, a woman would have won. Except, a woman did win. The problem, you see, is that the woman who won is white.

Democracy, you will remember, is only legitimate if it works to the left’s advantage. If it does not, it has to be patriarchy, racism, or a rigged system to blame.

Identity Politics: Democrats Did Not Learn the Lessons of 2016

Do you know why Democrats lost big in November?

Besides the fact that Hillary Clinton was a horrendous candidate, I mean.

Identity politics.

Hillary Clinton was owed the presidency, because she was a woman.

Likewise, before her, Barack Obama was owed the presidency because of the color of his skin.

These were the things that were wielded as weapons against the American people for the past 8 years.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t be a qualified, competent candidate, who just happened to be a woman, the same as Obama couldn’t be a qualified, competent candidate who just happened to be biracial.
No, for Democrats, they put all their chips on making straight, white males out to be the Great Oppressors. And if those straight, white males were also Christian?


After eight years of a president setting neighbor against neighbor, based on skin color or religion, crafting a narrative of rogue police officers, out to destroy minorities, America used this past election to push back.

So sick and tired of being lectured to and demoralized were the citizens, that they were willing to elect a caricature of who the Obama administration made them out to be.

When Hillary Clinton promised more of the same (Don’t you just want a woman president?), it became clear that Democrats underestimated the anger of the nation.

And they still don’t get it.

At a recent Democrat forum to focus on race relations, candidates for the Democratic National Committee chair showed just how clueless they are, as it relates to their trouncing in November.

The forum, hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, included favorite Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; former Labor Secretary Tom Perez; Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene; South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg; New Hampshire Party Chairman Ray Buckley; and South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison — all seeking to take over the top DNC post.

“First of all, the DNC has to acknowledge and respect that Black Lives Matter are responding to urgent social and justice problems in our country,” Ellison said. “What I would say the DNC needs to do is to offer itself, reform and make itself into the kind of place that Black Lives Matter feels it can channel its electoral energy.”

Black Lives Matter.

Electoral energy.

Let’s refer back to my previous reference to Democrats using identity politics and using race to beat people over the head.

Black Lives Matter are the absolute last group Democrats should be hanging their hopes on.

Still, if you don’t think the pandering could get worse, Sally Boynton Brown, Idaho Democrat Party executive director went pander super-nova.

“My job is to listen and be a voice, and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting,’” she said.

“My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege and until we shut our mouths and we listen to those people who don’t and we lift our people up so that we all have equity in this country … we’re not going to break through this,” she said.

“This is not just rhetoric,” Boynton Brown said. “This is a matter of life and death.”

Speak for yourself.

You may feel that’s your job. That being said, it’s nobody’s job to listen. You’re imposing your own bias and internal struggle with your life situation on others.

People don’t like that.

Most people are basically good and they want the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

In the world of Democrats, there are three groups of people: The victim class (women, minorities, LGBT groups, non-Christians), the victimizers (white, heterosexual, Christian males or pro-life females), and the benevolent overseers, tasked with doling out protection and entitlement programs to even the score (Democrats).

That way of thinking has served Democrats in the past, but we’re in a different world now and the shtick has worn thin.

We’re tired.

Brown went on to double down on the self-loathing, with an added jab at her home state:

“I’m from Idaho, we are so white, so white, right? I have been reaching out and trying to connect to anybody of color I can find to be honest with me,” she said.

“I need schoolin’ … And I depend on you … to do that so I can go school the other white people.”

Woman, do you hear yourself?

That’s insulting on such a level that it defies terms.

And this is why Democrats will keep losing. They did not learn the lessons from 2016.

Sandy Hook and Barack Obama’s Legacy of Division

As the nation prepares to formally enter the Age of Trump and leave the Age of Obama, it is worth noting that the left cannot honestly assess Barack Obama’s legacy. To honestly assess his legacy would be to conclude his eight years were a pyrrhic victory for progressivism.

Promising “hope and change,” Barack Obama had the audacity, a word that could define his political life and not just his written biography, to stand on the world stage and announce that his nomination, not even his election, was the moment the world began to heal and the oceans began to recede. Eight years later, the world is at war, the nation divided, and the oceans are still rising.

Barack Obama entered the White House with Congress under the complete control of the Democrats. Instead of dealing with climate change, gun control, immigration reform, or any other priority, the President sought to ram through the Affordable Care Act, the result of which was the destruction of the Democratic Party. The Democrats still refuse to acknowledge the legislation has not done what was promised. In fact, it has added new burdens and costs to the working poor. It has not dramatically improved healthcare costs or accessibility in the nation. But Democrats have surrendered all pretenses of honesty on these points to keep a law that soon Republicans will discard.

And what was the price for the Affordable Care Act? Republicans are now more dominant nationwide than any time since Reconstruction. The party that was supposed to be cast aside by a demographic destiny now holds more seats in Congress since the 1920’s and more local, county, and state legislative and gubernatorial seats since the late 1800’s.

Is Sandy Hook also a legacy of the Affordable Care Act? The President and Democrats had complete control of Congress for two years. Gun control is an issue most every Democrat has campaigned on fervently. But, when given all the power and all the possibilities that came with it, the Democrats did nothing legislatively or through the regulatory process to curb gun sales, “assault” weapons, etc. In fact, after Sandy Hook, the President and Democrats used it as a campaign issue against the Republicans to no avail. But when they controlled it all, they did nothing.

The Democrats, in 2009, had the House of Representatives, the Senate, the White House, 27 state legislatures, and 28 Governors’ Mansions, and 17 states with both the General Assemblies and Governors’ Mansions controlled by just the Democrats. But they focused on the Affordable Care Act instead of gun control.

To admit, as Democrats are hesitant to do, that Sandy Hook could not have been prevented by legislation, is to confess the Democrats have spent the last few years lying about it, using death for partisan political gain. Otherwise, one must consider that when the Democrats had the opportunity and power to prevent Sandy Hook, they chose to do nothing. Then, after the tragedy, they used the images and memories of those dead children to attack Republicans, demanding the GOP do what the Democrats could have done and refused to do.

Sandy Hook was not the only act of gun violence in this nation during Barack Obama’s tenure. In fact, during his tenure there have been more mass shootings than under George W. Bush. There have also been more domestic terror incidents under Barack Obama’s watch. Loathe to even consider them acts of Islamic terror, this White House stared evil in the face and called it random acts of violence and a “new normal.”

It is a controversial thing to mention, but true nonetheless, that with Barack Obama in the White House more Americans turned to mass shootings than when George W. Bush was there. One must wonder what it is about Barack Obama’s time in office that led to that. One must note that unlike any President to come before him, Barack Obama seized on these tragedies to advance his partisan agenda and, again, it was an agenda he could have done himself were he not so busy with Obamacare.

The nation itself is more divided than ever and its President, instead of trying to heal the divide has capitalized on the divisions for partisan gain. To say “all lives matter” is considered a racist act. One is only allowed to say “black lives matter” and to do otherwise could see businesses and individuals targeted for harassment. Christians have seen the state come after their businesses and livelihoods. In California, individuals who supported Proposition 8 to maintain traditional marriage were in some cases driven from their jobs. Business owners were boycotted. Democrats who want to ensure no one provides goods or services to Donald Trump are demanding Christians provide goods and services to gay weddings, despite their religious convictions. The Obama Administration demands Christian organizations accept transgenderism, despite both religious and scientific reservations, along with the left’s abortion on demand agenda.

The ultimate assessment of Barack Obama’s domestic legacy is summed up this way. Individuals, across the spectrum of race, age, and ethnicity, voted for Barack Obama in 2012 then four years later voted for the man who pledged to dismantle all Barack Obama had done. They did so not because of racism, but because they were tired of Barack Obama pitting neighbor against neighbor, race against race, class against class, and business against business to accomplish an agenda that went off the rails.

Abroad, Barack Obama’s legacy is no better. China is building and militarizing islands in the South China Sea. We withdrew from then reinvaded Iraq. We announced to the world our timetable for withdrawing from Afghanistan only to see the Taliban wait us out and force our re-entry. Russia holds Crimea and plots daily to undermine Western democracies. Russia likewise attempted to interfere in our own elections. Turkey has headed toward increasing Islamism. Syria crossed multiple red lines showing the world the United States was all talk. Our Libyan Ambassador was killed on the job before ISIS took over due to our destabilizing actions.

The left cannot admit the disaster that is the Iranian compromise. Iran now plots to build nuclear weapons and funds terrorists around the world with money we gave them. Israeli relations have been undermined and Eastern European countries look on nervously. The world sees an Obama Administration that has broken promises, given up, and stepped back from the world stage. Powers hostile to our interests have been emboldened.

The left will dispute all of this. But I doubt history will. Barack Obama’s historic legacy will be that of a nation that turned in against itself and walked away from its obligations abroad. Barack Obama’s historic legacy will be, in two words, Donald Trump.

Watch Obama Trash Black Lives Matter…From England

President Obama would never criticize Black Lives Matter from the White House. No, he had to be 3,662 miles away in London to take that step.

Once you’ve highlighted an issue and brought it to people’s attention and shined a spotlight, and elected officials or people who are in a position to start bringing about change are ready to sit down with you, then you can’t just keep on yelling at them.

And you can’t refuse to meet because that might compromise the purity of your position. The value of social movements and activism is to get you at the table, get you in the room.

Yet, they keep on yelling, and at home, Obama keeps egging them on.