Trump Cites Bookie’s Odds Since He’s Behind in Actual Polls


Two things jump out here. First, that Bloomberg would lead with a headline about London bookmaker odds.

The odds on a Trump victory are 15/8, or 34 percent, putting the billionaire real-estate mogul as favourite in the market for the first time, Betfair said in an e-mailed statement in London on Wednesday. Previous favourite Marco Rubio widened to 11/5, or 31 percent, while Ted Cruz is 7/2, 22 percent. Betfair didn’t provide earlier odds in its e-mail.

Nothing could be less useful in picking candidates than bookies across the pond.

Second, that Trump would actually use this–not a retweet–and thank them for it. I wonder if he is wagering on himself. If this would get Pete Rose banned from baseball for life, shouldn’t it have consequences for a candidate? (I’m not implying that Trump actually bet on himself, that wouldn’t be nice.)

But it’s beyond weird to see Trump touting a bookie’s pick. Perhaps he’d do better emulating Han Solo in “The Empire Strikes Back,” who said “never tell me the odds.”

Oh, and yes, Trump is trailing Cruz in Iowa, in actual, real polls.